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A glimpse into my world.

23 February 1974
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My name is Amy. I now live in Sacramento, California; having recently relocated from Charlotte. I grew up in Lantana, Florida, which is in the Southern end of the state. For those of you who are in to that sort of thing, it is also the home of The National Enquirer--ya know the smutty tabloid? Anyway, I loved growing up in Florida because I love the beach and to swim. We had a pool and we would have all sorts of huge parties, and I would get to invite my friends even if there was booze! My parents were pretty cool about that sort of thing--they just didn't let them go home if any of them drank. Anyway, back to me! I didn't go to any special schools for the blind at all. When I was around three I started learning Braille. I went to pre-school with all sighted kids, and learned all of your basic little kid stuff like motor skills, along with everyone else. I went to public school from Kindergarten up to high school. None of that matters other than just for some interesting facts, and for when someone reads my journal and I'm talking about some sort of technology that I use and people have no clue what in hell it is or what ever. It doesn't define me in the least.
I graduated from high school in 1992. I was always in to music--mainly singing, so it seemed like the perfect thing to do to go to college and major in music. I went toStetson University, which is in a really small town called Deland--near Daytona Beach. I partied loads my entire time there, and I'm not sure how I managed to graduate. I was a vocal performance major, and so it seemed I was always singing for something whether it was for a grade or not. I sang with the jaz band, played keyboards in a couple of rock bands started by friends of mine, and was always singing at churches as a paid soloist or just on my own--always liked the jaz and rock work better than the classical stuff. I loved performing, but hated music theory classes, because I would have to tell my reader what musical notes to write down without hearing them or anything. It wasn't fun! I taught voice to kids and adults for four years while I was in school, sang in a group at Disney world, and was a part of this cool akapella group called the Caroling Company, that got hired by businesses to sing Christmas carols. That was a lot of fun, but we had to dress up in these old fashion costumes--ya know with the pooffy skirts and all? It was like something straight out of a Dickens novel! :D Anyway, I graduated in 1997 and moved here to North Carolina. I have had different jobs in the customer service field working as a representative and a team manager--which I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy because working in a call center is stressful and hardly gratifying. In September of 2005, I began going for my Master's degree in Human Resource Management at theUniversity of Phoenix. and finished in June of 2007.

Since finishing my degree, it feels like my life has been a crazy time of constant change. I haven't decided if I'm totally happy with all of them yet but...
When our wonderful US economy started to get ultra crappy and job cuts were many, I lost my job as marketing coordinator and web site admin for a local nonprofit. I am currently doing contract work for a very small transcription company. If my posts discuss work, that's what kind of work it is.

My personal life for the first time in a long time is fantastic. I found my soulmate, which is why I made the move to California.
What is important to me?
I believe that you get out of life what you put into it, so I enjoy life. Spending time with my family and friends is important --and music is my passion, and is always at the center of everything that I do and it is what inspires me. I also want to make a difference in the lives of others, and I believe that when you give back to others you get it back ten fold. I believe that you have to approach all things in life with a sense of humor. Needless to say, I laugh a lot including at myself, and try to always make others laugh. I'm not above being silly and weird, but I can be serious if I have to--but I try not to "have to". I can easily go from being wild and crazy to all serious and corporate if I'm sitting around the table at a board meeting or some sort of work thing.
I believe that who we surround ourselves with in life can impact us in either a positive or negative way--so it is important to always have people around you that you can learn from and grow with, and who can keep you grounded.
What makes me different? I think that my observations and sensitivity do. I can empathize with others and be sensitive to what they need, and I can see things from both sides. I believe that choices are hugely important, and that a person can choose to either be a victim and feel sorry for themselves because of the hand that they've been dealt in life, or they can do what they need to--be a survivor and get on with things. That is my choice.
I detest stereotypes--visual ones--racial ones--it doesn't matter! They are all pointless, and show a person's shallowness as well as their ignorance and idiocy.
I am what could best be described as loud, very passionate --to a fault some times, deep and creative, extremely compassionate, energetic, silly (work hard and play even harder pretty much says it), a total caffeine addict and huuuuge chocoholic. I a very edgy and probaby too much of a bad-ass some times, but I really don't bite--not hard anyway honest I swear! I enjoy being around people and keeping as busy as I can. I am the type of person that is happy just hanging out and relaxing or being out and about.

My interests? I love to read--everything from mystery suspense to romance and even historical fiction if the writer is any good. . I also like to watch movies, spend time with friends, cook (especially for others), write songs, and sing and play keyboards. My brother has accused me of "always thinking," and I suppose he's right because I'm always looking for new inspiration to write either music or what ever else pops into my head at that moment.
I am all about learning about communication and how people interact with one another. I'm really not as complicated as I sound; there are just many parts that come together to make up me!

I put up this live journal because I enjoy learning from others and sharing my experiences and thought that this was a perfect way to do it! If something that I've experienced in my day helps someone else then my work here is done!
Take one look at my journal and the music that I am usually listening to while I write, and you will notice that while my tastes are diverse, I am, and probably always will be, a rock person-- Channeling my inner rocker is no huge feat. So...
Life truly does rock, and we should all share in the journey and enjoy!!
If you've made it this far, reach back and give yourself a huge pat on the back for making through my entire profile! *smiles* Most of the entries in here are "friends only," though you will notice that some aren't. If you want to be aded send me an email and I will add you back provided that I can get some sort of a sense of who you are through your profile or journal entries.
Happy reading, and thanks for stopping by!

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