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This is a quick note for anyone who is interested in friending me.
First of all, this journal is friends locked, and a lot of the entries are also filtered.
While I'm open to meeting new people, I do not believe in padding my lj friends page just because, so if you just randomly add me because you saw me comment on a mutual friend's journal, or saw something that I posted in a community, I'm not likely to friend you back.
If you like what I have to say, or you read my very detailed profile and decide that I'm interesting and you'd like to read more, please take the extra step and drop me an email or message via LJ and tell me a little bit about yourself.
Vague or nonexistent bios will not get you an add back.

I write about many things; from my boring daily life, to work, to my crazy friends and family; and a whole host of other randomness.
I also suffer from migraines and both fibromyalgia and arthritis, and that sometimes makes its way into some of what I write about, though I try to keep that to a minimum since I know that while it's my journal, nobody wants to read about my whining. Plus, I also believe that it brings more negativity into the mix by concentrating on it, so unless I'm dealing with something that's really bad physically, you won't see a lot of that written about in here.
I am very open and honest, and very opinionated. Chances are, if you add me, I'll probably piss you off at least once; but take heart: it's probably good for you! :-)
If you do get added, you are getting a glimpse into my world and my thoughts and feelings and emotions, and I don't share those with just anyone.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and welcome aboard!

25 things about me.

Here you go: 25 useless things in no particular order..
If I were nice I'd cut, but since I'm not...

1. My mom and biological father were divorced when I was four. Who I refer to as my "parents," are my mom and stepfather. My "dad," technically is my stepfather, though I'd give anything to undo that since my biological father is nothing but a sperm donor and ought not exist.
2. I have been in choirs in one form or another since the third grade, up until about a year ago.
3. I took nine years of classical piano, and ten years of voice lessons, if you include college.
4. I was a vocal performance major in college and had to sing classical music as a requirement, and now I hate it with a passion! Singing, yes. Classical singing such as opera, no!
5. I am actually very shy unless I feel comfortable around you. This is also probably how come there are some who view me as outgoing and will find this admission strange.
6. While I can work through nerves and manage to sing in front of an audience, to speak in front of a group of people is paralyzing.
7. I am not as happy as I seem, I just know how to fake it so that it comes across that way.
8. I am extremely claustrophobic.
9. While caffeine really doesn't give me tons of energy, I drink a lot of coffee and tea (either hot or iced) because I actually enjoy it.
10. I am a huuuuge chocoholic, and accepted and embraced that addiction a long time ago. *smile*
11. I love to cook, but am seldom motivated to cook for myself. For me, it's more fun to cook for others.
12. I hate my nose. It has a rather large bump on the bridge of it because I injured it while bending down to pick up some candy off of the floor for Mary Ann when we were kids.
13. I am a spiritual person, but I have an intense dislike for organized religion, all kinds, regardless of what they believe.
14. I have a brother and a sister, and they are nine and ten years younger than me, respectively.
15. When I was a kid I did the whole participated in girl scouts thing. I went from Brownies all the way up to sixth grade, and by that time I realized that bonding with ten or more other girls was not the best idea in the universe. I did learn a lot though about socializing and making friends and interacting with people etc. Were it not for that experience, I'm not sure if I would have had any friends during that time of my life.
16. I have never been an active member of the "blindness" community. Actually up until the past few years, the number of people that could see that I got along with outnumbered the ones that couldn't. The online world has evened out those numbers now a little bit.
17. I hate to admit it, but I do have a nerdy geeky side. Certain technology-related gadgets and other electronics, especial audio related, are awesome, and I could easily blow a whole lot of money if I let myself. I often try to run away from my geeky side though... hehheh
18. I love the beach, or rather, the ocean, but I hate the sand. Kind of strange coming from a girl who grew up in south Florida eh?
19. I love to read and have ever since I was a kid, and even now if I have the chance, I can get so lost in a book that I will stay up for days to finish it. When I was a kid that got interesting, because I would get too caught up in what ever book I was reading and not do my homework.
20. I read all kinds of books, but I will probably always be a sucker for books like Gone With the Wind, Little Women, (that one I've read more times than I can remember,) all of the Laura Ingalls wilder Books, and anything by Madeline L'engle. Her stuff I can read and read and never get tired of it. And yes... I am a sap.
21. I am a sucker for the cheesy sappy romantic, and probably more of an idealist than I would even like to admit, though I never really got into reading romance novels.
22. I am constantly made fun of because I know that the Golden Girls is an awesome show.
23. While I will listen to anything and everything, and my music collection has everything from classical and jazz to metal and rap, I will never understand, nor have I ever gotten into the Trans and Techno stuff. I will never get how people can be so into music that all sounds the same and has no real musicality to it in the least.
24. I am fiercely loyal to my friends, and hugely passionate (probably too much so) about seeing them get hurt. In short, if you hurt or screw over someone that I care about, you'd better be more worried about me, and less worried about them. Hurt me and I'll stay away and forget that you ever existed, hurt my friends, family, or anyone else who I care about and are close to, and my claws will come out and it ain't pretty!
25. In the past three months, I have spent more time in California than I have in North Carolina, which is technically, (for now at any rate,) where I live. and... Go figure, I'm going back out there again for another month in February. :D
I am quite sure that several who read this will disagree with my responses, and then there are those of you who know me well enough and will not be shocked in the least.

I'd cut but I'm lazy...

[01] Do you have the guts to answer these questions and re-post as The Controversial Survey?

[02] Would you do meth if it was legalized?
No. That is one of those drugs I never wanted to try, and it seems to cause more trouble than it's worth even now so why bother legalizing it?

[03] Abortion: for or against it?
I am 100 percent for a woman's right to choose what she, alone, wants to do with her body. Of course if the baby's father cares enough to have some input that's reasonable, but no one in a position of power has the right to tell a woman what she can or cannot do with her body. Period. end of story.

[04] Do you think the world would fail with a female president?
No, not if she were the right choice for the country. The president should no more be chosen based on male or female than it should on racial or religious background.

[05] Do you believe in the death penalty?
I believe that the death penalty is the chicken shit pussy way out.
Being sentenced to death does not change the crime in the least, and it has always gulled me that we punish murderers with either lethal injection or the electric chair. The loved ones of those who are gone by their hand have to live with their crime daily. Why shouldn't those who have committed the crime do the same? No, the death penalty fixes nothing but gives people too easy of a way out.

[06] Do you wish marijuana would be legalized already?
Absolutely!! It has too many medical uses, and I think that the people who insist that legalizing it would lead to more instances of drug use are full of shit.

[07] Are you for or against premarital sex?
Marriage is not about the sex but rather about the commitment of the two people.
having sex before or after the marriage isn't going to make that any less true, so if both people want to have sex by all means they should! Or maybe I'm just a whore... Just kidding.

[08] Do you believe in G-d?
I believe in a higher power. What that is exactly remains to be seen...

[09] Do you think same sex marriage should be legalized?
Yes. I absolutely think it should be. That and that if a gay couple wants to adopt a child they should be allowed to do that as well.. But I'm getting off track. If two people want to spend their lives together they should be able to do that regardless of what sex they are, and nobody should have the right to tell them that that's not allowed because it's against the law.

[10] Do you think it's wrong that so many Hispanics are illegally moving to the USA?
Not exactly. Our country was founded with immigrants, so I feel that anyone who wants to come here, become gainfully employed, be a legal citizen of this country, and more importantly, make a positive contribution should do it by all means. Now, if you're gonna come here to get out of your former home land with no intent to contribute to society and get a job then please return to where you came from, because there are people who really do come here to better the lives for themselves and their families and you're draining resources if you do not contribute.

[11] A twelve year old girl has a baby, should she keep it?
What 12 year olds do you know capable of raising children? Hell, I know some 20 year olds who should have never procreated. It should be decided by the family, but honestly I believe that if she is 12 and has a baby that it should be given up for adoption.

[12] Should the alcohol age be lowered to eighteen?
Why not? Having it 21 does not stop 18 year olds and younger from drinking now as it is. You can buy it lots of places and not get carded, or someone will get it for you so why does it matter?

[13] Should the war in Iraq be called off?
Actually the more important question is why the hell are we over there anyway?
The united states is like the busy body of all the nations. we just cannot stick to matters at home. we've got to put our arrogant we know what's best for all freedom and democracy loving noses into other country’s problems. Ugh! Don't even get me started on this topic.

[14] Assisted suicide is illegal: do you agree?
No I do not agree. If a person has a terminal illness it should b their right to decide how they will die if they so choose.

[15] Do you believe in spanking your children?
I don't think that should be the only form of punishment, but I'm not opposed to it if it is warranted but it also in my opinion should be a last resort.

[16] Would you burn an American flag for a million dollars?

[17] Who do you think would make a better president? McCain or Obama?
Obama, hands down. I'm not sure who scares the shit out of me more, McCain or that little sorority girl chick he's got for a running mate who cannot even take her head out of her unknowledgeable ass long enough to properly pronounce the word "nuclear."
She needs some hooked on phonics or something! I know they have schools in Alaska, where the hell did she go that they say "nucular?"

[18] Are you afraid others will judge you from reading some of your answers?
I am sure people will disagree with what I have to say, in fact, I'd expect that they would. What's the point in having an original thought in your head otherwise if everyone is going to agree?
Afraid if they will judge me though? If they are closed minded to judge and criticize rather than putting out their own argument then I feel sorry for them for living life so narrow. So no. I'm not afraid.

What I'm cooking.

I'm cooking dinner for some people tonight, and I thought I'd share for the benefit of those of you who might be interested.
What I'm making.Collapse )
I am going to make a quick salad and some garlic bread as well.

Don't drink the water.

I've been transcribing some audio interviews about water, and one of the questions made me remember a funny but embarrassing moment from my childhood.
The question asked, had to do with whether or not there was a difference between fresh water, tap water, salt water, etc.
The person being interviewed did not like lake water, and frankly, neither do I.
When I was a kid (about seven or eight,) my mom thought it would be a good idea to enroll me in girl scouts. She thought it would be a good opportunity for me to meet people and all, and I suppose that in some aspects it was. The only thing she hadn’t planned on was the fact that it would only last for about five minutes, because eventually I'd come to realize that having outdoor bonding experiences in the woods, in the hot, blistering south Florida sun with fifteen or so other girls was not something I was into at all.
So why I don't like lake water has to do with something that happened on one of those many camping trips.
We had been in the lake (a few of us) collecting pollywogs. For those of you not in the know, pollywogs are little baby frogs. they're the frogs before they become frog like. they sort of are like little slimy fishies.
anyway, afterwards we were sitting at the picnic tables having lunch, and on one side of my plate was a cup of punch, on the other, was an identical cup filled with a bunch of lake water and the little baby frogs in it. Well... I went to take a drink of punch, only, surprise! It was the cup of lake water with the slimy frogs instead!
Eeeww! It, was, so, gross! It tasted horrible, and was slimy and.... Blech!
I was so disgusted that I spat up all over the food and everything!
Everyone laughed at me.
So now when I think of lakes or lake water, I am reminded of how awful that tasted! I think of the awful sliminess in my mouth and It's horrible!
Needless to say, it's been quite some time since I've been to a lake.
And that, is yet another pointless but hopefully humorous journal entry from me.
This was ripped off from Mary Ann, and God only knows who she got it from.
Because there is nothing interesting at this moment to post, here, have a bunch of crap that you either already knew, might have wondered about, or wish you never knew in the first place, or just saw the question and wondered "Who in hell writes these stupid things anyway?" Basically, I'm bored, and cannot sleep, so you guys get to get pummeled with a survey, though I don't do them often. I try to only do the ones that are going to be semi entertaining, and that will give people something new to learn.
Stuff is behind the cut because I'm nice like that.Collapse )
Wow! Hopefully those of you who know me well either learned something new, or got to laugh, and for those o you who don’t and are still getting to know me, hopefully that wasn't too too painful. *listens for the sound of feet running away* hehheh

A sure sign I am working way too hard.

I suppose it is normal for a person's dreams to wake them up, but God, not, like, this!
The sad thing is that I don't remember what the dream was about either. I don't even remember if it was good or bad. What actually woke me up out of a sort of half assed sound sleep, was the fact that I dreamt that people were talking, and I woke up with this feeling of, "oh shit," I didn't get what they had said and I needed to transcribe it, but of course being that it was a dream, I couldn't back it up.
I think I've totally lost it! Damn am I ever glad I'm off this weekend!
Most of you guys know that I rarely do these, but in the grand tradition of being a card carrying member of the Procrastinator's Society of America, and hell, likely pretty damn close to its president, I'm going to do this survey thingy. Why? Because the alternative is to attempt to transcribe the audio of these morons sitting in this big conference room clanging silverware and mumbling while making unnecessary amounts of noise. Blah.
Survey stuff is behind the cut.Collapse )
Ok. Survey time over. Back to work for me I suppose...
If you saw this subject and thought I was kidding, I'm sad to say, it's no joke!
Click here to see article.
While some of you may view this as overreacting, I wholeheartedly disagree.
I don't know what this mother plans to do, but I sincerely hope that she takes some sort of action against this woman. From what I saw in the interview she gave with CBS this morning, the teacher does not think she has done anything wrong, and is happy that no criminal charges are being taken against her.
You don't do that to any child let alone one with a disability. I know all too well what it's like to be bullied by your teacher, and to have that teacher encourage rather than discourage her students when it comes to picking on people that are different. I changed schools halfway through fifth grade as a result of this treatment, and sad but true, while karma did come around later in her life and give this horrifying bitch what she deserved, no disciplinary action was ever taken against her.
The woman in this situation has no business teaching kids at all. She obviously lacks the compassion that is necessary to do her job, and cannot think like a mature adult. I mean come on, I'd bet that the five/six year olds she's teaching have more maturity than her! What sane and rationally thinking adult in her right mind, pits a bunch of young kids against each other, and tells them to all announce to another kid, what they "hate," about them! If her actions were because she has a problem with special needs kids in her classroom, well, hate to break it to you bitch, but you don't get to choose. In fact, I do believe that when you go for your education certs you're taught about equal rights for education of ALL students, disabled and not. There are laws in place that make it possible for kids like this one, and every other child with a disability, to attend class with everyone else. Duh! Moron! Ever heard of inclusion? Perhaps she received her teaching cert and college degree via the mail or from a Cracker Jack box? My God!
Hopefully this situation will be resolved, and the kid will be back in school where he belongs, and this hag will not be allowed to teach even pre-school.
Good afternoon all.

This is on my mind so I feel the need to address it in here. My apologies to anyone new on here but it sort of needs to be said so...
Cut for length and nothing more.Collapse )

Ok I'm done now. LOL I know you all are happy. I promis much more normal entries to follow later.

I hope that you all are having a good day.
Suppose there are worse things to be. This is not at all accurate but it's just for fun anyway so it doesn't matter. But Pollyanna? Me? Don't think so but... I hate these questions though because there were so many where my response would have been "neither," but that wasn't one of the choices.
I usually score more on the intuitive side anyway. Interesting...
I hate to sound bitchy, but I have one piece of advice for its creator: Proofread, proofread, proofread! G's!

Pollyanna- INFP

0% Extraversion, 0% Intuition, 0% Thinking, 0% Judging

So, you want to make the world a better place? Too bad it's never gonna happen.

Of all the types, you have to be one of the hardest to find fault in. You have a selfless and caring nature. You're a good listener and someone who wants
to avoid conflict. You genuinely desire to do good.

Of course, these all add up to an incredibly overpowered conscience which makes you feel guilty and responsible when anything goes wrong. Of course,
it MUST be your fault EVERYTIME.

Though you're constantly on a mission to find the truth, you have no use for hard facts and logic, which is a source of great confusion for those of
us with brains. Despite this, in a losing argument, you're not above spouting off inaccurate fact after fact in an effort to protect your precious values.

You're most probably a perfectionist, which in this case, is a bad thing. Any group work is destined to fail because of your incredibly high standards.

Disregard what I said before. You're just easy to find fault in as everyone else!

Luckily, you're generally very hard on yourself, meaning I don't need to waste my precious time insulting you. Instead, just find all your own faults
and insult yourself.


If you want to learn more about your personality type in a slightly less negative way, check out


The other personality types are as follows...

Loner - Introverted Sensing Feeling Perceiving

Pushover - Introverted Sensing Feeling Judging

Criminal - Introverted Sensing Thinking Perceiving

Borefest - Introverted Sensing Thinking Judging

Freak - Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Judging

Loser - Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Perceiving

Crackpot - Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging

Clown - Extraverted Sensing Feeling Perceiving

Sap - Extraverted Sensing Feeling Judging
Commander - Extraverted Sensing Thinking Perceiving

Do Gooder - Extraverted Sensing Thinking Judging

Scumbag - Extraverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving

Busybody - Extraverted iNtuitive Feeling Judging

Prick - Extraverted iNtuitive Thinking Perceiving

Dictator - Extraverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging

Link: The
Brutally Honest Personality Test
written by UltimateMaster
on Ok Cupid
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Writer's Block: Gotcha.

What is the best April Fools' Day joke you've ever fallen victim to?

I have never had one played on me,but when I was in college a few of us convinced a mutual friend that she had won the lottery. We got a hold of some of those fake lottery tickets, and gave them to her along with her actual birthday present.
The point was that if the person scratched off three like dollar amounts, that would be what they won.
Anyway, so we were  all hanging out at this dive near campus--ya know--cheap beer, even cheaper pizza... She scratched off two that said $50,000.  She was totally stoked!  Freaking out, because of  course if she got another $50,000, she'd win fifty grand!
She started talking about what she'd do with the money if  she won, and eventually we attracted a crowd around our table.  I suppose that everyone in the place probably thoughtthat if she won, she was paying for everybody!  Stupidity must be totaly bliss...  hehheh
Anyway, she scratched off ticket number three, and it said $50,000!
The waiter happened to be at the table along with everyone else that had gathered around, and pretty soon, before we could tell them it was a fake, the whole place was cheering, and my friend was dreaming about being able to actually get a car that ran, and not having to live off of Ramen noodles and mac and cheese.  I have never seen one person so excited--though I can't blame her.
So we were like--"flip the ticket over and see how you get the cash." 
She did, and the following was written on the back:
"Mail for your winnings to: 123 Nowhere Lane in Make Believe Land.
This ticket is valid only in your dreams. Odds of winning: zero in ten thousand," and then we all signed it.
She was pissed for about two seconds, and then she started cracking up laughing!

Unfortunately this also started a trend of her and her boyfriend trying to come of with pranks to get even with us.  The first one was when they went into the off campus apartment I was living in at the time and totally rearranged everything--and I'm not just talking about the furnature.  I mean everything, in both rooms. Clothes were in different closets and dressers, cordless phones had no batteries and those were hidden, and we had one of those old stationary phones--ya know the old desk phones that rang with a bell that you could unscrew the mouth piece and take it out.  Well, that was done, and it took us months to find it!
Months later we were stil finding stuff that belonged to us in friends' attics and storage sheds and in boxes in our own shed.
I think that the one that topped all though was the last and final one, done during my senior year.
My boyfriend and I were house-sitting for his parents.  They were those old scarry yuppy types, and his mother collected all sorts of very old and very expensive antiques and art work.  That was not what made them yuppies--Ive nothing against art in the least.
The reason why this could even be pulled off, was because my boyfriend and I weren't staying in the house, we were just popping in from time to time to check on stuff--mainly because that damn place was so cold and uninviting.  I've felt more comfortable in a museum!
Anyway, our friend got a bunch of people together and bribed the kid next door who used to do their yard to lend them his key to their house.  They went through the trouble of renting a storage unit, and moved out every piece of art and furnature, and replaced the furnature with a variety of trash gathered from dumpsters, and God only knows where else--but it was some awful stuff!
Instead of the oil paintings that had previously covered the walls, they were covered with a whole bunch of pictures of naked men and women.
His mom had a pretty large collection of  faberge eggs  as well, which they buried in the yard!  I've no idea how authentic they actually were, but I do know that they were expensive.
What made this prank not funny, at the time, was that the stuff that they had put in place of the furnature was nasty. Not just trashy looking, but dirty.
Not only did we have to put the entire house back together including stuff in china cabinets and rehanging paintings, we had to clean the house practically from top to bottom.
There were no more pranks after that.

A question:

Do you think that it should be a law that a person must give up their seat on public transportation to a person with a disability?
If so, why?
Apparently the Japanese do! Or--at least it appears that they are considering making it a law...

Apparently if you are not able to be courteous it is going to be against the law.

I am somewhat familiar with such practices unfortunately.
At one time, at least in Austria, it was required that a person give up their seat for a pregnant woman or individual with a disability.
I experienced this first hand when I boarded a full subway with some friends and a gentleman insisted that I could have his seat. I politely declined, choosing to instead stand with my friends--not knowing that the guy was going to have trouble later. When we got to our stop and got off, the guy was detained and fined--having been reported by another passenger for not giving me his seat when in reality, I refused his offer. Needless to say, I paid his fine because it was my fault since I had no idea that was law there. I have no idea if it still is, and quite frankly, I sincerely hope not. I don't believe that kindness is one of those things that can be a requirement--it either is or it isn't.

I appreciate such offers, but a person should be able to safely decline without having to worry about causing problems for someone else if they don't want to take their seat.

Now--I can tell you that I also took advantage of it when offered on occasion. I pulled some tendents in both my wrists while snowboarding, because I was stupid and reckless and thought I could hack it without wrist guards, and was trying to walk with a cane, while lugging a whole bunch of other crap and groceries. I was trying to travel using my cane in my left hand, because that wrist was less painful--something that is awkward since normally that is a job done with the right one. I'm not stupid! When the seat was offered to me, I gladly took it, because my free hands were limited and I was in pain, and I had an hour ride so...

I think that politeness is a character trait--some have it, and as we all know, others don't, but to make it law? That is just amazing to me!
Article is behind the cut.Collapse )
I do agree that perhaps as a society we may not be as courteous as we once were--especially when it comes to younger people. I remember when my brother was little my dad taught him to always hold the door for whoever needed it. It was funny, and some times annoying, because wherever we went, he would try to hold the door for everyone--even large groups of people. Some times a simple trip to get a pizza was a drawn out affair as a result, but he did it just the same. It's strange to think that not only have we lost that level of courtesy in some cases, but that in some places, people want to punish you for not being that way. All I can say, is thankfully we live in America, where rudeness is by the very nature of our constitution and the freedoms we have because of it, a right!

It's that time again...

Hello all from the frozen north! Actually in truth we're having a heat wave of sorts as it's getting up into the 40's here--but I didn’t come in here to post a weather bulletin.
It's that time again for the girls to rock the TBRN lineup as only we can do--yup---that's right, it's time for another edition of the MarAmy show! If you missed it a while back, don't miss it this time. Mary Ann and I plan to bring our own special brand of hilarity that only seems to ensue whenever we have an audience that is willing to listen, so to that end, we plan to hang out and partake of some Bacardi and coke, and share some humorous recaps of my visit here in Michigan.
So we encourage you to get comfy, relax, and tune in with your beverage of choice tonight at 9:00 PM EST and spend part of your Friday night with us--live and--in my case, completely local!
To listen, point your TBRN-compatible player to:
Or, you can now play from any web browser by going to: 

We hope to see you there!
Many thanks to Bec, for agreeing to move her show for us! You, rule!

Until next time...

I got back from my doctor's appointment this morning to an email from Mary Ann.
she was writing to inform me that Detroit is expecting lots of snow--in particular as much as a foot possible of blowing snow on Saturday, the day I'm supposed to fly up there! Blah!
We have decided that John, that it's all your fault, cuz we hadn't heard anything about any anticipation of snow until you posted hat snow-related weather report in your journal. hehheh
Poor John, we torture him so!

So it's likely that instead of flying out of here on Saturday I will be leaving on Sunday.
What is cool is that if my flight is changed due to weather, the airline will also allow me to move my return up a day so that I don't have to cut short my stay.

It will all be ok, it is just that we were so excited, and now we feel strangely deflated because we were both so totally stoked and looking forward to Saturday.

Ah well.

At least I still have a flight out there, and I can likely avoid being stranded at the airport because of weather.
Ok kids!
In a rare occurrence, I must post in here about the therealljidol results--as two exceptional writers on my friends list have recently been eliminated.
While I personally have enjoyed every entry that I've read since I’ve been keeping up with it (which I must confess has not been from the beginning,) I must say that I have taken particular interest in the writings done by those on my flist, as well as in this case, the writings of their partners.
So--a quick note to awallens and johnmill79:
The two of you have absolutely rocked it! You totally and completely kicked some serious writer butt, and should be commended for your awesome efforts!
You guys should be totally stoked about your contributions to the competition. You absolutely took it to the stratosphere of awesomeness! So, give yourself a great big pat on the back, and be proud! Go on--don't worry about looking like an utter dork--odds are, nobody will see ya so go for it! *laughs*
I hate this part about stuff like this. While I know there can only be one winner, I hate it whenever people don't make it. I think that this is how come when I was in college and taught voice and helped in judging competitions I sucked so bad--because I wanted to put everybody through--especially since I could tell when someone just tanked because they were so nervous, but they had awesome talent and could have done better had they not been so scared. Yes--I am just a big floppy marshmallow when it comes to stuff like that. LOL!

Anyway, awesome job you guys!

Until next time,
Peace out!

So what do you do when you are craving chocolate and your house is for the most part without things sweet and chocolaty?
You eat Nutella directly out of the jar of course!
When that does not suffice because the jar is practically empty, you then resort to opening the bag of chocolate chips purchased for cookie making. No--I did not eat an entire twelve-ounce bag of chocolate chips. That is just totally jacked up and insane on every possible level!
I must say though that regardless of the Nutella and the chocolate chips, I am still hugely craving chocolate. Ugh!

Totally TMI for the guys:
I hope this is not a sign of torturous female-related chocolate cravings to come later on in the month! G's!
If that is the case, might I suggest, Mary Ann, that you like purchase a truck load of chocolate? hehehehehehha!
I am a total chocolate addict, and anyone who knows me well pretty much is aware of that fact, but this is bad!

Good Enough

I never did this and right now I need a distraction so here goes... Don't worry, Mary Ann mine really aren't that funny either! Maybe it's our music collection? hehheh

1. Put your iTunes, Winamp, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
3. You must write that song name down no matter how silly it sounds.

So Small
I'm Still Here
Get Out Of This Town
Does Anybody Hear Her
Something About You
I Have The Body Of John Wilkes Booth
Get Up, Get Out!
The Incomparable Mr. Flannery
Walk Away
Let Me Take You Home Tonight
Open Up The Border
Fumbling Towards Ecstasy
Gifted And Talented
Worm Drink
Good Enough
Wow--my music collection is well uh... Of all the songs for it to land on for what would be played at my funeral--Open Up the Border by clutch a marginal funeral song at best. It's right up there with "I Used to Love her, but I ahad to Kill Her," by Guns 'N Roses! hahhahha!

Ok--back to work I go--or something like that...
It's soon to be Valentine's day. The holiday of love when sweeties across America celebrate with crimson roses, chocolate hearts, cuddly stuffed animals and candlelit dinners for two. Ick! To me, it's utterly nauseating!
Those of you that know me or read in here know that I am at the moment single, but I swear to you that I loathed the holiday even when I was dating. My hatred for this corny, forced sentimentalism of a contrived, overly commercialized holiday did not come about because I like some have had crappy Valentine's day celebrations. It did not come as a result of spending them without a date, in fact, regardless of whether or not I have been dating anybody at the time, my Valentine's days have been really awesome. No--my dislike for this holiday is not out of bitterness or the whole attitude of "everyone's got someone but me," because I have been around enough to know that the right relationship cannot be forced, and it's not just going to come around because you want it to. It's not going to happen because you play pretend boyfriend/girlfriend with someone you met online or on a server or in a bar. It's not going to come around under a backdrop of desperation. It's going to happen because it's right in time, place, and person, and that's that. Call me overly idealistic, sappy, or too into the romantic point of view, but I have always believed that everything in life good and bad happens for a reason, and no matter how hard I try to fight that, I have seen it ring true over and over again in my own life.
Why I have always hated this holiday, is because it always seems that people really put a lot of pressure on themselves--pressure to be coupled if you are not, and then, if you are in a relationship, pressured to shower the one that you're with with a love — in the form of a fabulously romantic gift and a night out, of course--because even if you have been extremely sweet and romantic the rest of the time, if you screw up Valentine's Day, you'll be on the proverbial shit list until next year.
For men, I really feel oh so sorry for you guys, because you really are damned if you do and damned if you don't. I am proud to be female, but the actions of my fellow women bring me a great deal of shame to be among them since often lots of us live by a double standard when it comes to this particular day. A lot of the responsibility for making the day special falls on the guy, and even if the guy and the girl both agree to do nothing, it is still expected by most, that the guy had better come up with a flower or something, yet the girl does nothing because that was the agreement and that's ok. I think not!
What I'd like to know, is where is the reciprocated holiday for the guy? I mean--how often do you get a steak and porn night, or something like that! *laughs* Would that be so horrible? Ok--I guess that for those of you who have a particular disgust and loathing for porn it would, but I think you can see my point.
Though it's technically a celebration of all manifestations of love, Valentine's Day — named for St. Valentine, who, legend has it, wrote a passionate letter
to the apple of his eye from prison, which he signed "From Your Valentine" — is more about the romantic kind than anything else. It is a sad state of affairs that this is how this holiday came to be, especially since simply putting pen to paper would not satisfy most as a gift in celebration in this day and age. I do believe that the majority of women would object, and their guy would totally be in the doghouse, if he wrote a letter and that was all.
It's precisely all the pressure — to be part of a couple, to be romantic, to be generous, to be thoughtful — that makes people like me turn against Feb. 14.
So who does benefit from February 14? The retailers of course! If your name is Hallmark, or you sell chocolates or diamonds, I'm quite sure that for you, this day rocks, because regardless of any other uncertainties you may have, you can bank on the fact that even with ranting and protest, men will be flocking to your establishments to purchase a token gift for the woman in their life, in hopes of managing to stay out of the doghouse and off of the shit list for one more year. So you guys, can raise a glass in toast for your contribution to the utterly ridiculous materialism that we know to be Valentine's Day.

I'm going to Michigan!

Yup--that's right.
I'll be leaving here on the 8th of March to visit Mary Ann and staying until the 17th. Awesome!
It will be great to see her! Yay! I've been thinking about it for a while, and now with everything that is going on in my life, this is probably the best time to go up there so I am.
I am quite sure that just like last time, many many gallons of coffee will be consumed because that's what we do best! For those of you who have no idea what I'm going on about--the last time we got together was when she came down here over thanksgiving in 06, and I think that we figured out that we went through like twelve gallons of coffee the week she was here. Maybe I'm a bit off on the numbers, but pretty damn close.

KL gave me some very good advice a while back upon hearing about the whole work situation, which was "be good to yourself," so I am!

It will be great to hang out--her and I always have fun no matter what we're doing.
Shopping for luggage is totally on the agenda now. I got rid of all of my old stuff cuz it was falling apart anyway. I can't very well travel without luggage. Suppose I could be like those freakish people that carry stuff in paper grocery bags. LOL Just kidding. Not happening. *laughs*

I don't have any assignments from work so far today, so off I go to tackle the mountain of laundry that needs to be done.
This discussion for me was sparked by an entry that someone on my flist wrote as her topic for the therealljidol. The topic was current events, and the one that she chose had to do with gun control--with specific emphasis on blind folks that choose to own guns.
I have to say that I have mixed feelings about this. I understand that it is everyone's constitutional right to own a gun, but if you do not have sight you cannot possibly use it safely. If a blind person shoots at someone and kills them, in my opinion he/she is subject to the same consequences as anyone else--because they have no business shooting at something when they cannot see it.
I suppose that every blind gun owner right now would probably like to stomp me, but I really see no point because all of the gun safety lessons in the universe cant help you because--duh, you're blind!
I suppose that someone could decide to argue that a sighted person who cannot use a gun safely shouldn't use it either, but in my mind, while I may be off, that doesn't wash because they can be a total idiot, but the fact still remains that the person can see what they are shooting at. I don't know about the rest of you, but if it's me and a blind dude with a gun, I'm haullin' ass and gettin' the hell out of there--like quick!
Now, I have a different opinion on whether or not guns in general, should be against the law for people to own.
I have a very hard time with the attitude that people in general should not own guns. It is easy to say that a young kid would not have killed himself had the gun not been in sight-or that a school shooting wouldn't have happened had the kid not brought a gun with them, but you cannot blame an object. In the case of kids bringing them to school, I want to know why the parents aren't made to take more responsibility in those situations. I mean in most of those instances the gun brought to the school was owned by the parent. I also believe that the ammunition used had been gotten from the house as well. That, to me, says very clearly that these parents were not interested in teaching their kids any kind of gun safety, or respect for the uses of the fire arm that they had in their possession. In my mind, if a kid takes their parent's gun, and goes to school and shoots and kills five people, the parent is just as guilty. Yes, the kid did the crime, and should be punished, but so should the parent for making it so easily available.
I grew up around guns. My dad was and still is an avid hunter, and guns were all over our house. Besides the gun cabinet that contained the ones that he would use for hunting or what ever, he had others that were very old that did not get fired.
Anyone that came into our house if the cabinet happened to be open could pull out any of them and take a look, but none were loaded, nor were the bullets stored anywhere near them. I will say that my dad did tend to keep the cabinets locked for the most part, because I had friends that quite frankly scared the hell out of him, and he was always afraid that one of them would walk off with something.
My parents met when I was six, and married when I was seven--and from day one, I was taught even as a person who could not see about gun safety. I knew full well that they were not toys to be played with. He took me out and taught me how to shoot a gun--we'd go target shooting and stuff like that. When I was older, I did go hunting with him--though I really did not like the idea of going out into the woods and stalking down little Peter Cottontail, or Bambi, and shooting them dead! Yet I'd go fishing which some could argue is another form of killing for sport so... *shrugs*
Of course when we would do any shooting he would need to help me aim, so it wasn't like I was out there just shooting at random.
I have also seen first hand the tragedy that comes with kids being able to get a hold of a gun.
My aunt had a 38 caliber pistol, and of all the places for her to keep it, she chose to keep it in the back of her truck, loaded I might add, underneath the back seat. My cousin at eleven years old, broken into her truck one morning while he was off from school, and shot himself. It was not an accident.
Now, nobody regrets the choice to keep the gun in her truck anymore than my aunt. In fact, after my cousin died, there was a lot of heated discussion about how he would not have chosen to shoot himself had the gun not been so accessible, and while I partially agree with that line of thinking, suicide is still suicide, and I am very sure unfortunately, that had the gun not been available, he'd have found another way.
It isn't as simple as saying that guns kill. When I see these things on the news about ten year olds accidentally shooting their friends, I always want to know where on earth were the parents or responsible adults, and then, why did they not know that these things weren't toys to play with. Then of course--the most important, why were they loaded in the first place or the bullets in the drawer next to the gun so that they could load it themselves!
These people who cannot use the brains and common sense that God gave them, have no business owning guns, but unfortunately you can't test for sanity and ability to think before selling a rifle to someone.
One more note abut the whole blind people owning guns thing...
My dad is a member of the NRA, and the last person to think that guns should be made illegal, but if I went to him tomorrow and told him I was purchasing a gun for my own use, he would probably have me committed because he'd think I was mentally off balance. He would be one hundred percent against it, regardless of his views on gun control, because as a blind person despite everything I've been taught, I still could not shoot it safely.
So, while I am not against a person owning a gun, I am against blind people owning them if they intend to shoot them. If you intend to be a gun owner and you have children, then you'd better take precautions and be smart about what you teach them, and where you keep everything.
Those are my thoughts on the whole gun topic.
Yup--that's right folks, park it and pay attention, it's time for a spelling lesson!
Rarely will you see me write about American Idol but this is too funny!
So... The name of the song is called Glamorous! And how is that spelled? What's that you say? g r a o u s! A very confident girl did say, quite loudly, "glamorous," then proceeded to spell g r a o u s, then said, glamorous! Right--because the next American Idol does not need to be able to spell, anymore than Miss America needs to understand the laws of physics! Nah--as long as she's nice and perky and can look good in a two-piece--she's got it in the bag hands down! That is--provided that her top half allows her to be able to walk straight in heels without toppling over!
What happened to the remaining letters in the word is what I want to know?
This should be a lesson for all you Idol wannabe's: don't pick songs that have words that are too difficult for you to say, spell, or understand!
Ah, it really gives me a whole new level of renewed faith in our education system in the US!
Because a mind is a terrible thing to waste, especially because when you clearly show that you have done so you'll totally make an ass of yourself on national television! But isn't that half the reason why it is cool to watch? *laughs* Because everybody lurvs a good old fashion train wreck!
And why in hell is this next dude boasting that he's a "ninth grade repeater," Someone please explain? He's sixteen. Does this mean he is sixteen and still in the ninth grade? If that is the case, I believe that he did not just "repeat" it once! He kept going, and going, an going...

And the next person after the sixteen-year-old "ninth grade repeater," is this rockin' biker chick, who totally made it through to Hollywood! How hard does that rock?
Very cool!

Ok--now back to your regularly scheduled lj reading.
I'm out!
Oh yeah baby!

Way to go Giants! You have successfully managed to break the Patriots undefeated streak and win the Super Bowl!

Granted, it was only a three point win, but honestly I don't believe that people gave those guys any credit that they could even win against New England. They did!
I guess that in the end, spying on other team's signals really did not serve the Pats well after all. *laughs*
All and all a good game. A totally awesome job for New York! They absolutely rocked it!
I do however feel some degree of pity for those poor shlubs who were so damn certain that the Giants would lose to New England that they did a stupid thing and bet on the Patriots winning because I'm quite sure that a lot of money was lost over today's game. That'll teach you guys that there are no guarantees, and there is no such thing as a sure thing even when the team that you are playing against is 18-0 for the NFL season.
Ok. That's all the sports update for me in my journal for now. Back to company and cleaning up after the party.
Have a great night all!

I totally loathe technology right now!

Have I happened to mention how bad technology sucks?

People have been critical of me for being one of those types that has always said that I'd rather purchase the cds and dvds then encode/rip them rather than depending on either torrents or things like DC or people's ftp servers but here is why it's a really good idea to actually get off of your cheap streak and buy... Because technology is not dependable and can die without any warning--leaving you screwed and without the possibility of being able to replace all of what you've lost.
Want to know what I'm pissed about?Collapse )
By the way: If any of you who are technical out there have any suggestions for me (useful ones, not smart assed ones,) I'm all ears and open to try anything as long as you can step outside of your own head for five seconds and speak normal English--recognizing that not everyone is as smart or technically capable as you and tell me what to do to attempt to recover stuff. If you can't do that, then while your thoughts are appreciated, you cannot help me. Mary Ann is not the only one who doesn't do techy! In fact, between the two of us, she's more techy in a lot of respects than I am if that tells you anything about my inability to be techy. I am talented, but techy is not where those talents lie!

Anyway, this technical crap is totally frying my cheese and giving me a headache so I'm off to bury myself in a book for a while. Got people coming over tomorrow to do the whole Super Bowl watching thing--not sure how it is that my place became the place to party--but thank God it's clean!
Unfortunately that means that I have to get up tomorrow unless I want to play the whole shitty hostess thing and do some make ahead stuff for the food that we're having. I plan on though throwing as much stuff in the crock pot as I can. This is like the only reason why I'm totally stoked that I kept my old one--it'll come in handy! Two crock pots equals way way easier on me! Yay for that!
Booze, food, and football! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet! That is--unless you change out the football for hockey--also sweet! Hmmmmmm--maybe this explains why I scored so low on this thing. Ah, the joys of admitting to everyone who happens to read this that I am 16% girlie! hehhehhehhehehhahahhaaha!

Ok--I'm really off now! Yeah--I know--totally off, but that doesn't need to be repeated here! *grins*
Note to self:

On days where you have to be in Raleigh by 8:00 in the morning making it necessary to leave the house by 6:00, it might be a real good idea to go to bed some time before 2:00 AM! Otherwise you will no doubt wake up at 5:00 AM feeling like utter hell!

Guess what? I do!
I feel as if I've been run over by something huge. What makes it even worse, is that I have to be articulate, look good, and coherent. Ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh!

I hate that there exists for me the occasions where sleep is so so hard to come by because I can't seem to shut off my mind. It would be one thing if I were working from home today, because at least then I could stay in my sweats if I wanted and drink gallons of coffee, but I can't. Instead, I have to dress up, do my hair and makeup, pack up the laptop, and get out of here--and the two hours spent in the car are not going to be fun either. *frowns*

On that note, off I go to make more coffee so that I can bring some with me. That will probably be gone before we get there, so thank God there is a Starbucks a short distance from where our meeting is being held. I see at least one trip in the very near future--possibly more.

I hope that all of you have a good day, and that at least yours started out better than mine.

Uh right...

A quick side note.. Various parts of this song are in Spanish--which totally rocks because I've taken just enough Spanish to understand, but my powers of speaking it--totally blows big time! If I were ever in a Spanish-speaking country, I'd be lucky to find my way out of a paper bag alive if I had to ask for the directions!
Ok. Back to it now.
How on earth could having a tattoo in any way shape or form be even remotely considered a kind of impairment or disability? Are they for real? I mean yeah, there is some pain involved and a good deal of itching during the healing process, all depending, but it does not impact a person from working in my opinion.

Is this going to mean that some dude who just got a scull and crossbones tattooed on his arm is going to now be able if this is passed, claim ADA and ask for a flexible working schedule as a reasonable accommodation? If so, you've gotta be shittin' me! Sorry but... Those of you who read know I make no apologies for how I phrase stuff in here, and I'm not going to start now!

There are folks with real disabilities that far far surpass anything that could happen as a result of getting inked up.

Now--those of you who know me or have taken a second to glance at my profile, probably know or have figured out that I totally am in favor of body modification-all forms--piercing tattoos, etc, and I view corporations who are moronic enough to institute no skin art policies as people with too much time on their hands--and priorities totally out of whack! In my opinion it is taking away a person's freedom of self-expression to demand that a person either cover up their tattoos or have them removed. More and more companies are instituting such policies unfortunately.
I have to say though that if they ever did that where I work, there are people that will have to wear turtle necks and long pants in July! I would not be one of them however! Perhaps I am too much of a go-against-the-grain kind of person, but the mere fact that the policy is idiotic and pointless would be enough for me to choose to not cover up in protest.
I am unfortunately, one of these pain in the ass people who--if you make a stupid policy over something that hurts no one but you just want to do it for the hell of it--that will automatically rebel and do it anyway just because.
Like that whole knee-length skirt thing when I was in school--well for one thing, it was a stylish nightmare, but being tall, I never looked good like that so I wore the shorter ones, and was always getting sent home to change. I never did, but... hehehhehehah!

At my last office job, we were supposed to dress business casual. Apparently someone forgot to send that memo to the chicks who worked there who insisted on wearing Daisy Dukes with their ass hanging out and in some cases, pubes showing. I only wish I were joking! Oh yeah! Because that just screams business casual right?
Unfortunately because they were--well--, minorities, they never got called out though they should have. One manager tried, and the girl went all EEO on her ass and claimed that her writing her up because of how she was dressed was racially motivated as the manager was white and the person in question was black. Now I am not saying that people aren't morons and that folks don't make stupid decisions like that, but this was not the case in this situation. The CEO was walking the floor, and commented on this girl's dress--and so she was written up. I am against favoritism like that as well in case none of you could figure that out. I don't care if you've got a disability--nine heads no legs no arms--blind--what ever, or you are black, red, white, yellow, or green, the rules should apply for everyone else and for you as well. So if you are violating the dress code, you should be written up if that is the policy where you're at. Along those same lines, if your attitude plain blows, you should have disciplinary action taken against you just as anyone else would. I see that all the time with clients where they will screw off and not do the job that they're getting paid to do, yet the company keeps them on because they are disabled and they are afraid to fire them as a result! I say hell no! Let them go, and give their job to someone else that deserves it and who is actually going to get off their lazy ass and work! Don't promote just because someone has a disability either. If they aren’t qualified, give it to someone who is. By the way--because I know that someone will undoubtedly take this to mean that I'm saying don't promote people with disabilities, that's not it at all. I'm saying do not simply promote just because of a disability or ethnic background or what ever. Those things by themselves do not equal qualified.
Ok so no surprise I got off track. LOL
My rant is pretty much done now, and I'm off of my soap box! Yeah you can applaud if ya want--it's totally fine with me! *laughs*

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Well my subject says it all pretty much.

I think that this weekend I have totally been channeling my inner slug though today I am accomplishing much more than I did yesterday.

Yesterday was basically a wash. The weather outside was cold and slushy and just plain yucky, so what did I do? I napped, (a lot), I buried myself deep in World Without End, and watched a lot of movies. Nothing really all that new other than Little Miss Sunshine, because for some odd reason I was in a Star Wars state of mind yesterday--making it necessary for me to attempt to watch the first trilogy. I am a certifiable dork obviously, because I've got both on DVD.
That being said, I don't know too many 30-somethings that aren't into Star Wars so...
Because I recently finished the book, I also decided to pull out yet another classic and watched The Godfather. Now--I like those movies--though more the first two than the third one, but the book is indeed a lot better!
I also watched Pride and Prejudice, and Legends of the Fall. Why? Because it seemed like the thing to do. *grins*
I watched the Bruins lose to USC--we really need to stop doing that! Apparently being at home did not help them win though I would have thought that it would. *frowns* It's a good thing that I've never been into betting on sports, in particular, betting on UCLA winning. We seem to be doing better in basketball than we did at football, but still...
I drank a lot of hot chocolate and tea, and in general, was really really lazy!

Today is me being much more productive, in part because I feel kind of guilty for being so damn lazy yesterday. hehheh
I am making chilly, and am attempting to tackle the mountain of laundry. I swear there is no way I really have that many clothes! I don't even recall having worn half of what I've washed today! The pile seems endless, but I'm getting tired of looking at it so it will get done today if it kills me!
I am still taking down and putting away Christmas decorations. Shut up, and do not mock me! I ran out of stuff to wrap stuff in so the process sort of got put on hold for a few. It's a trip though, because it looks like half ass Christmas in here! Half ass, because only some of the still remains.
So--I'm putting all of that away as well. Putting it outside in the shed is a different story though. Somehow stuff in there got very disorganized, and so before I put the boxes of decorations and the tree back in there, I need to straighten up in there first. It's freezing in there, so getting up the ambition to leave my warm house and freeze my butt off while reorganizing my storage shed doesn't really appeal to me right now.
I have unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, and cleaned up the kitchen.
I really need to vacuum, but that will be easier to do without all of the Christmas stuff in the way so I think that will wait.
Because I wasn't online at all yesterday, I have a mountain of email in my inbox--actually inboxes if you include my gmail account. So here I am, writing in my journal and checking email. I know that there are those people who will read this and think I'm weird, but honestly I like not being online all of the time. If people need/want to reach me, they can pick up the phone. There are those who are always signed into msn or aol--pretty much online 24-7, and if that is what makes them happy that's their deal--but it's never been mine. In fact, I don't mind chatting with people once in a while, and being online can be a welcome distraction when I'm working from home, but other than that, I'd rather talk to people by not typing back and forth. It's much more--uh--reality to do it by phone or something. Anything but typing! blah! Maybe it's because I am always at the computer because my work puts me there, I've no idea, but I'll take talking over typing any day.

On that note, off I go to post this entry and finish going through emails. I have a mass update from a friend from college... She was in an accident back in 98. She was driving back from a job interview, when a semi decided to run a red light and hit her car. She is lucky to be alive!! Totally!! She has what could best be explained as the equivalent of shaken baby syndrome--where neurons in her brain are just disconnected. She has managed though to not let it stop her from living and enjoying life, and slowly but surely, she is improving. She found me through Stetson's alumni directory thingy a couple of years ago and sent me an email and we've been n touch ever since. She sends pretty regular email updates to a whole bunch of people to let us all know how she's doing, and it's totally amazing how much she's improved even in the past couple of years that I've been talking to her.
Anyway, she is a huge fan of writing in shorthand, because it's easier on her, so if I want to read this I need to give it my undivided attention or I can't follow very well.

So, off I go for now.
I hope you all are keeping warm wherever you are. Anyone from Florida that sees this and comments about the fact that it's already warm will get smacked! hahhahhahh!

Until next time...

The snow is coming!

Yes, we do get it every once in a while down here.

Apparently tonight into tomorrow we are supposed to get a mixed bag of winter weather that we are so famous for here in North Carolina. Snow, sleet, freezing rain, possibly changing over to regular rain. You know what that ends up as? Yup, that's right, a nice icy slick situation! Yippee!
"Winter Weather Advisory
Statement as of 4:52 am EST on January 16, 2008
... Winter Weather Advisory in effect from 7 PM this evening to
7 PM EST Thursday...
The National Weather Service in Greenville-Spartanburg has issued
a Winter Weather Advisory... which is in effect from 7 PM this
evening to 7 PM EST Thursday.
A band of moderate snow and sleet is forecast to move north over
the Interstate 85 corridor from South Carolina state line into the
Charlotte Metro area between midnight and 3 am. This band may result
in a quarter to half inch of snow from Shelby into the western
portions of the Charlotte Metro area. A rapid transition to sleet
and freezing rain will then follow during the early morning hours
Thursday. Ice accumulations may range from a trace to a tenth of an
inch until temperatures rise above freezing around noon. A cold
rain and periods of sleet will persist through the rest of the

A Winter Weather Advisory means that periods of snow... sleet... or
freezing rain will cause travel difficulties. Be prepared for
slippery roads and limited visibilities... and use caution while
driving." Right--because we'd have no clue had they not told us that!
All rightie everybody hit the market for bread, milk and dog food. That part I'll never understand. The milk will spoil if you're out of power for a long time, so why stock up on it? Shouldn't you already have enough dog food if you're feeding your pet as you are supposed to?

Snow I totally don't mind, ice on the other hand, I can do without.
I suppose that ice and me would have had a better relationship were it not for the fact that the first winter that I lived up here we got an ice storm, and the folks at my apartment complex were horrible at salting stuff like stairs and parking lots and such. Basically, if they did it it was a miracle! Anyway, the stairs leading up to the second floor where my apartment was got totally frozen over between what was falling from the sky and what was on the bottom of people's feet. I was running late for work, a normal morning occurrence for me back then, and was on my way downstairs, when upon taking my first step I slipped, and fell down the entire flight of stairs! I ended up with two sprained ankles. It totally could have been worse I'm aware...
Another time I was coming out of work, and in our parking lot was a rather steep hill and I took a step and immediately began to slide and fortunately a parked car prevented me from falling on my ass.
I spent three months in Europe during Winter while I was in college, and we got a whole lot of snow. Because of where we were, a lot of the streets were pedestrian only--so walking in it was normal. Yeah--snow is cold and wet and it can be annoying least, but I'll still take it over the ice that it appears we'll get tomorrow.

I don't have to go out of town for work, so that means that I can avoid having to be out in it! People in Charlotte cannot drive when the roads are slick--in fact, they suck at it! I suppose it's hard to get used to since we don't get as much of it as some places do--but we're also very bad at treating our roads the way we should. People it seems, no matter how often they are told, don't get how to properly drive when roads are icy--or they don't care to learn. It should be a common sense type of thing to not drive with your foot practically on the floor when roads are icy--yet some morons think that they can!

Ok--now that I've given you a pointless entry, which includes a weather report, off I go back to work--though more coffee is in order for me before I write some more.

A special reairing.

Since the host of the show got a little drunk and barely remembers all of the strange hilarity that ensued while doing this show, it has been brought up
that she should re-air it during her normal timeslot, as well as to include commentary. Yes, folks, that's right--Mary Ann got a little bit drunk, causing her to forget large chuks of stuff that took place during her own show! *laughing*
And so, Friday night's special broadcast will be replayed tonight. If you missed the MarAmy show on Friday night, or, if you just eed a good laugh or two, stay tuned tonight for the sober commentary, along with the show in it's entirety.
9 PM, EST tonight. We hope to see you there!
As always, point your favorite player to
Http:// to listen.
Have any of you wondered what it would be like to hear Mary Ann and Amy do a show? Well, at 7 PM Eastern time tonight, it's time to find out.
As some of you already know, whenever Amy and Mary Ann gather together, hilarity ensues!
We plan to bring our favorite beverage of an adult nature, a couple of mics, and our unusual humor to the TBRN Marathon that has been going strong.

So join Mary Ann and Amy for the MarAmy show at 7 PM tonight by pointing your favorite player, such as Winampto the following link.
This is a first for us, and a first for tbrn!
You won't want to miss it!

Kill me now!

I've officially decided: tomorrow I will lose my mind! It's a done deal!
Anybody want to come along for the ride?

Just what I love;!
Let's assign a project to these four people, and tell them to work their asses off so that it can be due by five P.M, and then for the hell of it, let's then tell them to turn back around and do the exact opposite the next day! Oh, my, God!
And they have the balls to wonder why nothing ever seems to get done and done right the first time? Gee, I can't possibly imagine why that could be! Any takers?
Someone please knock me out!
Oh and in case any of you were wondering, myspace is run by morons! A totally unrelated side note by the way.

I sent them an email because I had been trying to set up an account for no other reason but because they have basically put up the no blind folk allowed stop sign with the whole capcha thing with type what you see. well, I was shocked whenever I got a response, except I have discerned that morons work there, and that it is likely that nobody with a pulse reads the emails you send.

Basically they told me that the reason why I could not "see" the stuff in the box was due to a problem with my cookies! Yeah right! Especially since I explained that I could literally not see. Honestly people: The only way cookies being a problem could in any way shape or form impact this situation, is if my not being able to see was a direct result of having eaten some cookies with hash in them! By the way, don't put it in baked goods folks, it isn't worth it! Also, do not make a pot of spaghetti sauce and try to pass it off as bay leaves. If you do, implement some sort of system for labeling the pot free and pot contained pots of sauce, otherwise, you'll have a dinner party full of stoned dinner guests--most of which are parental figures!
Of all the things to avoid, right up there at the top of the list, ought to be making your dinner guests unintentionally baked!
It still amazes me that even to this day, people still liked that sauce! My friend's mom, who was one of the stoned in attendance, has repeatedly asked for the recipe!

I could see it now:

1 pound ground beef
1 pound Italian sausage
3 medium onions, chopped (2 1/4 cups)
2 cups sliced fresh mushrooms (6 ounces)
6 garlic cloves, finely chopped
2 cans (14 1/2 ounces each) diced tomatoes, undrained
1 can (29 ounces) tomato sauce
1 can (12 ounces) tomato paste
2 tablespoons dried basil leaves
1 tablespoon dried oregano leaves
1 tablespoon sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
1/2 teaspoon crushed red pepper
A whole bunch of leaves from the pot plan growing in the bathroom. (Hey it wasn't in my bathroom so...)
Brown the meat in the pan with the garlic, onions, and mushrooms. Drain. Throw it and all other ingredients on the list into your crock pot and let it do its thing for like eight to ten hours.

In our defense, we made one on the stove and one in the crock pot. I cannot remember if we smoked any while cooking, nor am I really sure if there was or was not a pot-related smell associated with the cooking process.

All I know, is that whenever it came time to eat and the spaghetti was made, we all swore up and down that the one on the stove was the one with the weed in it, so we froze that one, and served the other one to our ten dinner guests!

The only thing that I will say is that it is a good thing that it was--well--home grown, because now they lace weed with so much stuff these days that our entire party could have been dead! God I was dumb back then!
But oh, the recordings we could have made.... Thank God I have no recording of me back then! It is truly by the grace of God that I graduated college the first time around with a B average!

An update with more substance, assuming that any of them actually are to those of you reading will come later.

Bye for now...

Because I rock like that--and I'm cool...


Four articles all written along with their individual pages created complete with headlines and properly placed photos up-to-date and running live on the web site.

Care to see just a fraction of the stuff that I do every day at work?
Click here, and look on the page for the words "what's new," and read on from there.

You'll notice that there is a headline of sorts that is a link, along with a short blurb. Clicking on the links will allow you to read the articles in full.
Did I mention that the web stuff is finished before the deadline of Friday at 5:00 PM? Go me! I suppose that that little piece of news is really not that awesome since most of the stuff this time around was so short but still! Props I deserve, so props I will give myself!

Now off I go to a marketing meeting where we will no doubt resume our oh so riviting argument of what contact info is and is not appropriate to include for our board of directors page on the web, and the layout of our annual report--which so needs to be put to bed like last year--especially since it's so late in getting posted! *grins* Sarcasm, rules! Welcome to corporate America, the nonprofit version!
Tomorrow for me will involve finishing up writing the stories for and putting together this month's e-newsletter.

Hope everyone is enjoying their day!



Consider this: semantics counts.

Something to consider for a Monday afternoon...

I was traveling with a coworker a while back and we came upon a new conversion van that was very tall. The van was white with colorful lettering, she reported, that could be read from a distance. As we approached, she remarked that the word: “Chad, was printed on the van.” Further down the road when were even closer to the van she then noticed that it had a wheelchair lift and was in public service. The name Chad was explained in smaller letters beneath it all around the van. Since we were both interested in what Chad stood for, she read aloud the following: “Carolina Handicap and Disability.” I have since gone on line to this web site: and learned that the full name of the company is: Carolina Handicap and Disability Transportation Services, Inc.

Hopefully, it is already obvious why I want to bring this to your attention. If where I am heading with this seems a bit trivial to you, I would ask how interested would you be in taking the van to work called: “Pass.” Although the word “Pass” seems somewhat innocuous, how enthusiastically would you jump on that van if it was specifically designed for: People with Acne Scarred Skin? Furthermore, what if ‘Pass’ was the only form of transportation available to you or the only form of transportation that you could afford?

The meaning of words is always important but takes on additional power when naming a new company or product. In the decision of what to call a new company or product, I believe that the owner wants to convey positive value to the person reading this name for the first time. I am reminded that a few months ago I was doing some research for an article about an incident that occurred in Surry County here in NC, on one of their accessible vans. If I recall correctly, that van was called “Scat” standing for Surry County Area Transit. When you read the word “Scat;” which is a synonym for “cat feces” does that name inspire you to get on that bus?

Personality quiz.

Ok. I'm not sure if there is any validity to this. You cannot take the blog things quizzes for a whole lot of meaning because they are poorly designed. That being said, I have taken several of these because of my hr major and the results have never been the same though they have pretty much fell between three different ones in so much as that is possible.

ESFP, INFJ, and ESFJ which I find very interesting to say the least.

Now, the one that I took in my organizational communications and Behavior class was much much more in depth and the individual that reviewed our results explained that there are folks that have so many characteristics from other types that depending how the Meyers Brigs test you take is worded it can thro different results. Also the problem that I have always had with these is that often times none of the choices given even remotely come close to me or how I would react--this was the case in the blog things quiz as well.
First of all, I will share with you what the UOP required quiz stated about the ESFJ personality once I had my results.

See below:

What makes an ESFJ tick?

The Dominant function is the judging one of Feeling. Characteristics associated with this function include:
List of 4 items
• Makes decisions on the basis of personal values
• Is appreciative and accepting of people - enjoying company and seeking harmony
• Assesses the impact of decisions on others, being sympathetic or compassionate
• Takes a personal approach
list end

The judging Feeling function is extroverted. That is, Feeling is used primarily to govern the outer world of actions and spoken words. The ESFJ will therefore:
List of 5 items
• seek stable, harmonious relationships
• tend to adapt to the environment, taking on board those values that are held as important by friends and family, or society as a whole
• express the appreciation that is felt towards others
• tend to consider others' feelings before his/her own
• be sensitive to praise and criticism, and seek to conform to others' reasonable expectations
list end

The Feeling function is primarily supported by introverted Sensing perception, That is, Sensing perception is used primarily to manage the inner world of
thoughts and emotions. This will modify the way that the Feeling is directed, by:
List of 3 items
• focusing the (outer world) Feeling on current relationships and people, e.g.: through social events and fact-based conversation
• finding practical ways to be of service to people
• viewing people subjectively, observing facts that support harmonious relationships
list end

The classic temperament of an ESFJ is Epimethean, or Melancholic, for whom a basic driving force is duty, service and the desire to belong.

Contributions to the team of an ESFJ

In a team environment, the ESFJ can contribute by:
List of 6 items
• working hard and efficiently to complete tasks by the deadlines set
• ensuring that everyone in the team feels valued, and that their needs are met
• maintaining good relationships, and building team spirit, often through enthusiastic organization of social activities
• keeping the team informed, asking for contributions from all members, and seeking to arrive at consensus decisions
• maintaining respect for established hierarchies and traditions
• striving to ensure that people are happy with the service provided
list end

The potential ways in which an ESFJ can irritate others include:
List of 6 items
• talking too much
• assuming they know the needs of others
• avoiding conflict, and not giving criticism when it is needed
• not paying attention to their own needs
• not seeing the wood for the trees
• being reluctant to try out new things or work towards new possibilities
list end

Personal Growth
As with all types, the ESFJ can achieve personal growth by developing all functions that are not fully developed, through actions such as:
List of 7 items
• learning to observe and accept the negative aspects of those people they admire
• trying to view people in a more independent and objective way
• pausing and thinking, encouraging others to articulate their own needs, and using active listening to verify understanding
• undertaking a critical appraisal of a situation or person, and expressing disagreement or criticism when it could be of value to the recipient
• establishing a list of the ESFJ's personal needs, and ensuring they are met - recognizing that there are ways in which the ESFJ and others can have both
sets of needs met
• establishing a long term goal, working towards it, but being prepared to modify it in the light of experience and developing circumstances
• listing options and undertaking a formal process of evaluation against criteria, including a cost benefit analysis
list end

Recognizing Stress

As stress increases, 'learned behavior' tends to give way to the natural style, so the ESFJ will behave more according to type when under greater stress.
For example, in a crisis, the ESFJ might:
List of 4 items
• work hard to complete pre-defined tasks
• express appreciation for everyone else's efforts
• fail to recognize the need for change
• neglect their own needs whilst being concerned for others
list end

Under extreme stress, fatigue or illness, the ESFJ's shadow may appear - a negative form of INTP. Example characteristics are:
List of 4 items
• being very critical and finding fault with almost everything
• having a pessimistic view of the future
• suggesting ideas that are quite impractical
• ignoring others' feelings
list end

The shadow is part of the unconscious that is often visible to others, onto whom the shadow is projected. The ESFJ may therefore readily see these faults
in others without recognizing it in him/her self.

Now, I think that just like in all of these for any of you who have had a personality profile done a real one, you can see part of yourself in the results but not all. That's pretty much the same here in my case. For example, I am not now nor have I ever been the type that will run from change and that is reluctant to try new things.
In fact, I am the opposite--finding myself bored whenever I am always doing the same thing. I welcome anything and everything that will challenge me and give me a new thing to try--it can be a work related task or what ever.
For me, change is a good thing. I'm not down with things being stagnant. That, as you can imagine has both good and bad outcomes depending on the situation.

So now. Here are the results of the blog things quiz.

See below:
You Are An INFJ

The Protector

You live your life with integrity, originality, vision, and creativity.
Independent and stubborn, you rarely stray from your vision - no matter what it is.
You are an excellent listener, with almost infinite patience.
You have complex, deep feelings, and you take great care to express them.

In love, you truly see relationships as an opportunity to connect and grow.
You enjoy relationships as long as they are improving and changing. You can't stand stagnation.

At work, you stay motivated and happy... as long as you are working toward a dream you support.
You would make a great photographer, alternative medicine guru, or teacher.

How you see yourself: Hardworking, ethical, and helpful

When other people don't get you, they see you as: Manipulative, weak, and unstable

Ok--so you know these are totally not meant to be taken seriously whenever both the results as well as the questions have typos and/or spelling errors in them! hehhehhehehehhaah
Take it for yourself if ya want.
What's your personality type?

The plight of the disabled job seeker.

My own situation as well as what some others on my friends list are going through inspired me to write some thoughts about this.

Firstly, statistics will tell you that 75 percent of blind people are unemployed--though I believe it has been a while since the department of labor has looked at those numbers and reevaluated their findings. Secondly, statistics will also tell you that 76 percent of people with disabilities are also unemployed. I have the same questions about the validity of those figures as I do about the percentage of the blind population that is also unemployed.
So... What do those numbers tell us?
For starters, I think that it is important to remember that they are just that, numbers. We don't know what if any data was used to come up with this information. Was it simply a number that came about from the number of people drawing social security benefits that were also not filing income taxes so no record of an employer on file with the IRS? If a person gets paid cash, which would be termed as under the table, not everyone reports that unless they are making a specific dollar amount, and even then, some still don't. Cash payment for services is next to impossible to track unlike payment with a check or credit card. So, we don't know how the DOL came up with the figures that they did.
Next, to truly understand the big picture, I believe that it would be helpful to employ a less Dr Spock method of looking at this, since these are all living breathing human beings with names and faces and lives. Not everything can be measured purely in logic, and assigned a number.

A while back a dear friend of mine developed an add for a class assignment. The ad was for a fictional company that claimed to help people with disabilities, blind in particular, be ready for the workforce. The ad itself is not important, what is however, is that this person put out a great deal of effort to drive home the point that 75 percent of blind people are unemployed. Was this an attempt to evoke pity, or just an attempt at a reasonably effective marketing gimmick? Both, I think. This is why I really have never been a fan of statistics when it comes to stuff like this. Statistics give you a number to represent the idea that there is a certain demographic living in the world or in this case, the US, that are without a job, but they are also unfortunately used as a means of looking for pity and whining by just about every militant blind or otherwise disabled person around. I am not saying that discrimination does not exist, and I am not saying that there are not perfectly capable people with some form of disability that are jobless because people won't give them a chance and look past their situation. In fact, I am the first person to wholeheartedly admit that employers need to be more diverse. When you read up on diversity, it tends to only encompass ethnic or religious differences--leaving out the disability population. People with disabilities, no matter what they are, are any employers most valuable asset, and one that more companies would do well to tap into. There are a number of reasons for this not the least of which is that people with some sort of disability are shown to, for the most part, be more dependable and are more likely to stay put once they are hired. So, I am completely aware that there is not a perfect society here when it comes to becoming employed. I believe however, that it is important to look at what groups make up these numbers so constantly quoted by the pity hungry people out there.
You could easily divide them into several categories:
1. The people who will just plain never be employed or rather that are not employable. I understand that this may sound harsh, but I think after reading on you'll get my point.
There are people with disabilities whether it be blind or what ever, that are just never going to have jobs. Why? Because they care very little if at all, and will not change. They lack social skills and cannot relate to or get along with others, and often have extremely negative attitudes about life in general. These same people are the ones crying that the sighted world or world in general won't give them a chance, while they are doing nothing to help themselves. They are content to whine about their situation, to anyone and everyone who will listen including in their blogs or on a mailing list, but do nothing to change it. Possibly they are a part of some very radical organization that has helped to feed into their attitude of wanting pity from the world, and expecting action be taken for them, to help them, and others like them, but again, they don't want to do any work to get there. No work on their independent living skills, no work on their own O&M if they can't see, no learning the tools of how even to look for a job writing resumes etc, only moaning and whining. And why on earth are some content to remain in a rural area where not only can they not get anywhere, but where the unemployment rate is so awful? These people if they do ever manage to find a job, will likely be the ones working in sheltered workshops for life, and even there, they do not get on with coworkers. If they are not working, this does not seem to bother them, and some will admit that it does not. These individuals, are part of the 75 and 76 percentile.
2. The motivated but struggling.
These are people we probably all know. These are the bright articulate individuals, who have degrees or even some work experience, who genuinely want to work. They are sending out resumes with no results. Maybe they are getting the interviews but not the jobs. The fact that they are not being productive frustrates them a great deal. They have no idea if they are not getting the jobs because they have a disability, or simply because someone has better qualifications or maybe their personality is a better fit for the organization. They are doing everything that they know to do--even networking, but while it is piquing some people's interest, it is not getting them gainfully employed. These folks, too, are part of the percentages.
3. Those that cannot work.
Unfortunately there are people that have health concerns that make it impossible for them to work. These may be mental or physical, and they may be blind, or have some other disability. What ever the situation, they cannot work, literally, if they can their hours are so minimal that they are often finding themselves fired from their jobs. We could philosophize or debate all day about whether or not this group is or isn't doing more to help themselves, but at the end of the day, if the doctor says you can't work then you have to go with that.
4. The motivated but directionally challenged.
Often you will find that these people are still living with their parents though not always. They want to do something meaningful with their lives, that is why I'm terming them as motivated, but they have no clue what that is, and even if they do, life and the people that they are surrounded by has sent them the message that they are never going to amount to anything. They were likely sheltered growing up as well, so they often don't feel that they have the skills to succeed out in the world. They have no one to give them encouragement to advance either--which does not help their situation. This group needs a push in the right direction, and possibly some therapy or self help--some means of instilling confidence in them--helping their self esteem to get a boost so-to-speak. They then need to have an open mind, be willing to relocate if that's what it takes to get a job, and get some good old fashion career counseling by someone who's job it is to help people to turn their interests and passions into goals, and what jobs are best for them. Maybe college is also necessary for them to move forward. Perhaps if living skills are a concern, some rehab counseling either where you go and stay or where the case worker will come to you is also in order. These tools however, are only going to really help this person, if he/she is given the push forward that they need to start the process.
5. Not working by choice but want to at some point. Perhaps they are working on their education or caring for a family member. Maybe they have kids and want to stay home and care for them. I suppose I could have also lumped these individuals in the motivated but directionally challenged category, but I believe that it is important to show the different distinctions here so I didn't do it that way. Besides, if you are going to school and that is your reason for not working, you cannot really say in good faith that a person is directionally challenged.
And last but not least...
6. The--"Why should I find a job when I can get paid more by the government to sit on my ass and not work," crowd. I think that this is probably my most favorite of all--because it's ballsy, but also hilarious! Yes--it is because these folks provide me entertainment value and nothing more. These are the folks that will have debates with everyone else about how they won't take a job if it means having to get off of their benefits. Basically, they are making more money to stay home and watch The Price is Right and Young and the Wrestless, so why bother?
The desire to be no longer dependant on benefit checks never seems to cross their mind. I will say in their defense, that it is truly a sad state of things if a government check each month ends up being more than one's salary, but the other side of that, is even if you are making less money working, if you can still afford to live and make ends meet, why not work? These individuals will tell you that they want to have a job, but they don't want to give up the cash so they're also likely not actively searching. That I really don't understand but it's not my thing so...

All of these individuals in the categories that I just mentioned, make up the percentages given to the unemployed blind and disabled people. So, if a person is simply looking at the number and then asking themselves why, how could this be that so many people are unemployed, perhaps they need to then look at what encompasses that grouping. They are made up of those who want to work, those who won't work, or those who can't work. It fries my cheese whenever and I'm sorry but it seems that blind people are the worst at this, throw up that number and use that as an excuse as to why they aren't working. It always strikes me as interesting when you probe a bit more into their situation, to see that often times, they are much like those in group one, and they are laboring under the assumption that the rest of the world won't give them a chance either because they are blind or have some other kind of physical disability. They believe that the world in general, cannot be adapted enough to suit their needs, and if they could, they’d tattoo 'blind person," on their forehead so that all knew as if the cane or dog wasn't enough of a clue. Often if you read emails from them you'll see stuff like "blind is beautiful," in their signature, because they are also trying to belabor their point. Often they will use the lack of cheap and reliable transportation as a reason why they are not working. About that, I'm the first person to say that some times paratransit and public transportation can blow, and on those days, God would I give anything to drive, but if you have to pay you have to pay. If you want to work you do what you have to do so that you can get there. These folks need to remember that if they could see, or walk, but couldn't drive, they'd still be responsible for getting themselves to and from work.
Now, I totally support being proud of who you are and where you come from. If you are blind, sighted, black, white, Jewish, Catholic--doesn't matter, you should be proud of who you are and what makes you unique, but it is an unfair assessment to lump all of society into a box and come off with the attitude that "people won't give us a chance," and even go so far as to try to drive your point home whenever you send an email or have a conversation with someone. Don't their lives consist of more than that?
Because of where I work, I am also confronted with the reality of the person with a physical disability and how often the very agencies that are designed to help them find meaningful employment, can land them in back room jobs where they are making hardly any pay. Last time I checked, we had come farther as a society than one where the people in wheelchairs needed to be hidden away and filing, but apparently in some areas in the universe this is not true. Now, using Supported Employment is not a good example in some ways because often our clients have Autism, or some other type of mental or cognitive challenges on top of being in a wheelchair, but often we get clients that also have no other disability other than the fact that they have to use wheels for legs and feet who still find themselves being shoved in the back room. The bad thing is that lots of times these same people are also afraid to rock the boat because they fear becoming unemployed, so they stay in their situation. Agencies like mine do little to assist them in their plight because numbers of people placed in jobs matter more than where they work or what job/s they are doing. Yay for again, statistics!

Being unemployed regardless of your circumstances, is hard, and it, well, quite frankly, sucks, but why does it seem that there is so much focus on how many people with degrees of disability are without work? I mean--we don't lump sighted and/or non-disabled people in groups that way, and if we do, no one discusses it. Nobody is putting up an advertisement talking about 50 percent of black people are unemployed. I didn't get that number from anywhere by the way. For some reason, the fact that 76 percent of people with disabilities and 75 percent of blind people being unemployed is considered more newsworthy. Why? Just because the average person without any sort of disability or health concern can run over to McDonalds and get a job without needing any special accommodations? Does that make it any less important or tragic that people are out of work? Given that as I have just demonstrated, the unemployed disabled population is made up of several types of people, should these overly militant individuals still be jumping up onto their ever-growing soap boxes and crying discrimination? There are just as many every day folks walking around here, that are not motivated to work, or who can't seem to find work for one reason or another, yet they don't seem to be doing as much to draw attention to themselves and quoting statistics of how many of them are unemployed.

Being without work is hard if you want to work no matter how you look at it. It's the ones who don't care, that have it easy.

so... That's my two cents--though it's probably only worth like .5, on this topic.

Have a great night, all!

Oh, but what I could do if I had a hose!

Good morning all.

I first of all have to say that here in Charlotte it is almost 60 degrees in December. That, is, absolutely, insano! I never thought that I would in any way envy those of you who are getting all forms of water falling from the sky by way of freezing rain, snow, ice, or just rain in general, but I am, for one because we totally need the rain badly down here, and for another, because it's fricking December--not but like two weeks before Christmas, and the need for it to feel like it is oh so important!

I'd like to thank those of you who were all cool and stuff and commented to my previous entry, and sent my mom prayers and positive energy, and me hugs. Your thoughts and good wishes were hugely appreciated! All is good on that front. After a few painful tests, no cancer, totally awesome news!

My house finally looks like Christmas!
My mom came over yesterday and we put up and decorated my Christmas tree, and put around all of my other Christmas decorations. This morning we are going to do some shopping. I'm not looking forward to that, but not because I'm not in the mood to Christmas shop, but because God love her but my mom totally snores like a freight train lumbering through the country with a heavy load--I'm not sure if words can even do the noise level justice, and so as a result, I didn't sleep well at all!
I don't have the heart to make her sleep on the couch, though I suppose I should, but I didn't, so I slept fine until she came into bed, and then her enormous snores woke me up, and that was it for sleep for me last night! I think I might have gotten maybe two hours... duhrhrhrrh! How irritating!
So now I need like a gallon of coffee at minimum to keep me moving, and after we shop I've got to go home and work. If I'm still awake this evening it will be a miracle!

I don't think that her snoring thing would be nearly as bad as far as waking me up goes if it weren't for the fact that she for some reason seems to like to lay on her side so that she is snoring directly in my ear. What can I do? It's not as though she does it on purpose. Even earplugs don't help--I've tried them already!
I'd so love to be able to put a cork in it and somehow magically stop up the snoring hole, still making it possible for her to get oxygen, or in the very least, quiet the noise a bit!
What's worse, is that I got into the habit of kicking her so that she'd roll over and face the other direction, and every time I do she starts talking to me in her sleep. Having huge long conversations with God knows who! Kill me now! So, I am so so so so so so so so tired!

Anyway, now that you guys totally know more than you probably ever wanted to about why I got next to no sleep last night, off I go to the kitchen to make some coffee. If I'm lucky I'll finish the first pot before she surfaces from sleepy time, and I can then make another one for her!




I've been up all night--yes I have! *huge frowns*
This time unlike what it normally is for me, it was not the fact that I couldn't turn my mind off that kept me awake, but instead, a medicine that says that it is supposed to help you to sleep. Now--I totally didn't see this coming, because I never ever have that problem--so maybe what I've got is expired or something... No clue, but again, I never ever have this problem!
I am not known to get insomnia or loads of energy from stuff that is supposed to make you tired--the only thing that I need to be careful of is the cold or allergy stuff that is labeled as twelve hour, because often it makes me super hyper so if I take it too late in the day I won't be able to sleep or will have to take something to knock me out.
What did I take you may be wondering? Well perhaps not--but let's pretend ok? hehheh
Unfortunately, NyQuill was the hell maker for me tonight! Yep--that's right folks-you read right, NyQuil--the stuff that tastes absolutely horrible--the stuffy head--achy--fever--knock you on your butt--so ya can sleep with a cold but will wake up feeling semi-rested medicine! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! They lied! I took it, and it was as if I'd drank four pots of coffee! Oh, my, God!

I've been feeling like I'm trying to come down with something since Thursday. I'm not sure if it is that or alergies or both--at this point anything is possible. Basically I decided that because the weather had been nice this week I was going to open up my house. Now--I know that when it's windy that sends me into a boute of alergy hell, but I thought it wouldn't be that bad. That's what I get for thinking! Someone please remind me never ever to do that again! LOL
The really bad sneezy stuff didn't start until Thursday though, then the achiness came on--along with the sore throat. Even after I closed the house back up again it continued. So Last night my head was so stuffy and my nose so runny that I knew that if I didn't take anything I wasn't going to get any sleep so what did I do? I took some NyQuil thinking that it would help to dry me up, which it did, and help me to sleep, which it didn't do in the least! Blah!

I had planned to get all sorts of stuff done around here today so that I can relax and watch the Bruins play USC later. The game I will totally still watch of course, but as for the stuff getting done--that's debatable at this point! Blah blah blah!
I cantell ya one thing though: it'll be a long time before I take any more NyQuil!

Ok--now off to make some coffee. I suppose since it is Saturday morning thatI could lay down and could even probably maybe get some sleep if I'm lucky, but I'm afraid that if I go to sleep I'll sleep the entire day which won't be cool!

Is there something wrong with me?


I busted my butt to get work projects completed before leaving on Wednesday to see my family for thanksgiving.
Yay for being all organized and stuff.
Now since being back, I have no work to do. How much does that suck? Loads!
It seems like I'm either totally slammed when I have work, or without anything to do at all. Can't there be a middle ground somewhere?

It's just very irritating to me. I don't believe that having a steady income is too much to ask for--though maybe I'm wrong and I missed a memo somewhere and it is! Granted, I enjoy what I do since I'm doing marketing and development stuff and not supporting a client any longer, but still.
My mom was over this morning because she rules, and had made turkey soup and wanted to bring me some, and while she gets that it frustrates me to be employed and not be productive, she was quick to remind me that in another week I'm going to be slammed and pulling my hair out, so I should enjoy the break while I've got it, but I can't!
It's not in me to take the attitude that I've got some time off so I might as well relax. I'm not even sure if I know what the word means. I've never known what to do with myself when I go from being insanely busy to having lots of time on my hands. I wish that I could be one of those that could just go with the flow and use what time off I have as an excuse to take some time for me and catch up on reading, or hang around in my pj's and drink coffee and watch movies or God forbid Golden Girls episodes (you're not allowed to make fun of that) but I can't do it! I've tried, but if I've got the time and it's on a day when I know I should be working, it just drives me nuts!
Why oh why can't I just embrace my inner slug and be lazy!

Hell, I can't even sleep in anymore unless I'm sick or in lots of pain from a fibromyalgia flairup or migraine! Blah!
Others in my position would be totally stoked to have some time off, but not me. I must have a screw lose or something.
I'm not a workaholic or anything I am a huge advocate for taking a vacation whenever you can because I believe it helps keep you sane--or at least helps you to feel like you're almost there. There are people that I'd love to visit and want to visit, none of which I can do anything about because if I have work I need to do it and I also do not have paid vacation time with ESUCP since I'm not full-time.

Yucky yucky yuck!

Ok--I'm done whining now. hehhehehe

What holiday am I?

Hmmm... I'm not sure if this is accurate, though I do get thrown into hosting a lot so... If I could choose I'd want to be either Thanksgiving or Christmas  so I suppose it could be worse! hehhehhehhehhehhehahhhaa

Not totally surprised though.
Can I just say that these things are really awful as far as how they create them! *smiles*

You are Thanksgiving.
You are a bit of a homebody who enjoys being in the company of people you love.
It doesn't take a lot to make you happy. You're enjoying life as it is.
You have many blessings in your life, and you are grateful for each one.
You believe that life is about what you *do* have. You feel like you have enough of the good stuff.

What makes you celebrate: Family, friends, and the changing of the seasons.

At holiday get togethers, you do best as: The host of the party

On a holiday, you're the one most likely to: Spend so much energy preparing that it's a full time job.
Holiday Are You?

Because I can...
This is what I'm listening to right now.

Always trying to expose people to different music whenever I can. Need some space somewhere so this isn't so hard...

Ok, I'm out!

A get to know me kind of thing...

Ok. Because everybody's doing it...

Here goes.
1. Name or preferred nickname:
Name is Amy. I have no nicknames that have really stuck though I am sometimes called and will answer to Ame and Ames. Some smart asses have at times called me "Blondie," not something I'd recommend. *smiles* First time it's funny, every other time, it's just annoying! hehheh If you're thinking about starting a "Blondie" trend, be warned, I won't answer ya! *grins*
2. Age and birthdate:
Currently 33. Birth date is Feb 23, 1974.
3. Location (as general or specific as you would like):
In the south unfortunately. Specifically Charlotte North Carolina.
4. Where you have spent most of your life:
I was born and grew up in Florida. I stayed down there for college until moving to North Carolina in 1997.
5. What your childhood was like:
I was pretty rebellious so I was in trouble a lot. I was sort of a tomboy and sort of not. As a kid I played with the boys because I was really energetic and the toys were more fun. I was not content to do the whole let's play makeup and have tea parties with Barbie thing! In fact, Barbie made a better missile than a play thing. I think that at least until twelve or thirteen my dad labored under the misguided delusion that God really had intended that I be born a guy, and as a result, I was his fishing partner, and he taught me how to shoot guns and about gun safety and that sort of stuff. I learned how to row, and we went canoeing a lot and I knew how to paddle the boat, and would bate my own hook when fishing and cast out my own line. Still do in fact. If I wasn't shooting at targets or fishing with my dad, I was busy being musical or writing or buried in a book or hanging out with friends. I had some pretty adventurous friends growing up, so I've done different stuff--some that I was quite good at, others I'll never do again! Music always came very naturally to me, and so I was always at some lesson either playing or singing--starting with violin when I was six, which I was pretty good at though I was better at vocals and piano so when I was nine my parents made me choose--so it was piano and voice from then on.
I was raised that you always give back, so I volunteered for different things including coaching special Olympics. I always had friends, though at points in my life growing up I had more than at others. I think that probably the hardest time for me was junior high, when everyone is already going through their own personal hell and identity crisis. To be a creative person who was into writing and music was not cool, and I was beat up a lot, and fought back, so I think that for those couple of years my parents really wondered what I was going to be. My mom still says that I sort of went to the beat of a different orchestra--suppose that I still do, because I won't conform to what everyone else does, and can't be lumped into a box. The awesome thing about that growing up and now, is that my friends and the people that I attract are diverse--though growing up they were the people that were into drama, art, and music. Being around creative people rules! Try it some time! *grins*
To sum it up, I suppose you could say that my childhood was rarely if ever boring.
6. At least three positive adjectives to describe yourself:
Funny, creative, and compassionate.
7. At least three negative adjectives to describe yourself:
Stubborn, cluttered, and moody.
8. What qualities you seek to develop in yourself:
I'd love to be more disciplined and organized, because I can be sort of scattered lots of times. That unfortunately results in people pegging me as the airheaded flighty blond, and I am anything but that.
9. How you identify politically, and issues you feel strongly about:
I am a registered democrat, but rarely do I vote because I'm really not in to politics, and often view voting as choosing the lesser of two evils. Did I mention that I am a nonconformist? LOL I am very liberal in my views I suppose...I think that we have a huuuuge problem with invasion of privacy on behalf of the government in our country, and that there is entirely to much censorship going on--and too many attempts to police people. One thing that comes to mind about that right this second is the whole governmental policing thing involving outlawing the use of trans-fats. I'm not saying that being healthy is wrong, what I'm saying is that people should be allowed to think for themselves. At one point the Sesame Street folks were looking at changing the name of Cookie monster to Veggie monster because some moronic consumer group decided that it could lead to kids being overweight. Stupidity! I believe that we have become a society that in lots of cases will look for any opportunity to sue, and lawyers will jump through hoops to find any loophole to make it appear that someone's rights have been violated--making it difficult for people with legitimate issues to have their voices heard.
I have strong opinions about abortion, and am one hundred percent pro choice, because I don't believe that the government has the right to tell a woman what she can or cannot do with her body--especially since the majority of the lawmakers are men! I am very passionate about trans-gender rights and issues and find discrimination deplorable and have zero tolerance for it and those that choose to do it. I am also passionate about disability rights. I have no tolerance for people who will show hatred towards or discriminate against another person because of their religious beliefs, ethnic background or race or gender. It's all a waste of time and energy, and shows the rest of the world how moronic and close minded people can really be. I'll stay off that soapbox though for now.
10. How you identify spiritually, and in what way you exercise this:
This is rather complicated. I was raised catholic, and did all of the things that a good little catholic girl is supposed to do until I left home when I was eighteen. I am a very spiritual person, and believe and have seen first hand the power of prayer. Because of my differing views on lots of--uh--well--controversial subjects as well as some other things about me that I won't discuss right now, I have been criticized by others that labeled themselves as "Christian" as not being "Christian," Godly, or spiritual but I wholeheartedly disagree! I'm not sure where I fit, though I have a problem with organized religion. I do not believe that we got here through evolution--I believe in God and Jesus--and some of the spiritual side of me has also always been very much in line with what those who enjoy giving labels to would term "pagan." I am not a person that leans towards one side or the other.
I believe that there is both a heaven and a hell--how we get there and who has the final say is not something that I believe that those of us living here on earth have a right to throw up in the faces of others. Do I believe that God or our higher power--whichever you believe makes the final decision? Absolutely! I do however think that in the end, all those who have looked at how a person was living his/her life and told them that they were going to hell will be hugely surprised in the end, and that regardless of how much bible you study or think that you know, the only one that has ever had it figured out is our creator, and he's not available right now for comment. I think that we all need to be more concerned with how we are living our own lives and what our path is and where it leads than with what others are doing--or at least lead with love rather than judgment when we are supposedly trying to help others. I believe in many aspects of Christianity, but again, I am not a person with a one sided view. The bible is subject to interpretation, in fact, if you read up on the subject or have taken any religious studies courses you will discover that there has been centuries full of debate about whether or not the bible can be taken literally on its own. What most believe is on faith anyway--faith that what they are reading is true, despite the fact that the original bible was written by scribes and has been translated so often that we don't know what was written originally. BTW any you're going to hell comments or debate that this sparks is ok with me, because no one that will read this has any authority to make that decision so it's totally cool! If someone decides to be cute now and comes up with an lj user name of "God," I'm gonna die right here and now! *laughing* Hilarity will for sure ensue!
11. How you identify in matters of gender and sexuality:
Heterosexual female.
12. In what ways you express yourself:
Writing and music.
13. A subject or idea you could spend a lifetime mulling over:
Wow I have to pick just one? I suppose religion in general--not just one particular one or a single thought or idea. Also psychology.
14. Something that never ceases to amaze you:
So much amazes me that I don't believe that I can narrow it down. I am constantly finding myself awed or entranced by a sound in nature or by a piece of music or the lyrics to a song. I think that that, in and of itself, is just totally amazing! The mere fact that you can listen to something and that it can evoke so many different responses is incredible to me. Anybody who has listened to a song and had one type of experience then listened to it again at a later time and reacted diferently may get my point... Or--all of a sudden noticed how new the most common sound seems---like you're either hearing it with different ears or for the first time...
15. If reincarnation exists, who or what you were in a past life:
I don't really believe in reincarnation, and honestly, I'm fine with this life, and don't care for another one or a previous one, thanks so much!
16. How you feel about the statement, “Some human lives are worth more
than others”:
I feel that the person that coined that one should be shot!
All life, is precious. There is no middle ground here. We are all different, that is the beauty of humanity. Our differences regardless of what they may be are positives not things that should be used to devalue the worth of others.
17. The most private thing you are willing to admit:
This post may be public, so sorry folks, nothing juicy or scandalous to report here! Move on--nothing more to see here! hahahahaha!

One more thing...
What am I listening to?
Peace out!

Prepare for a huge entry...

People's ignorance is just amazing some times, and this is hardly a good thing!

Here is what started me writing this entry...

A while back I was on the phone with one of my coworkers who, at the time, I also thought was a friend. She had phoned me because she wanted someone to keep her company while she was driving because it was late and she had a ways to go. Anyway, she started going on about her friend from college, who had phoned her earlier and told her that she had been raped. Now, most of the people that I know would have responded out of concern and caring, unfortunately, this was apparently beyond the scope of her abilities. She instead, chose to respond by casting judgment and being critical of how her friend lived her life.
As I sat there and listened, I was both shocked and angered to hear her saying stuff like "she deserved everything that happened to her," and "She had it coming. In college she was a whore and dressed like a slut, so what can you expect?" She seemed to be trying to convince me that because her friend apparently did not dress very conservatively and tended to be very promiscuous that she was raped because it was her fault. I was disgusted! Was she really this stupid? Was she really this close-minded? I told her that she had no clue, and how dare she even say that her friend deserved what had happened to her! I got nowhere trying to convince her that she had no idea what she was talking about, and hung up. She was then and still is irritated that I didn't see it the same way as she did, and has made life at work very interesting for me because her attitude towards me has been horrible! She has been mean and I am not sure what she thinks she will accomplish by treating me like crap, but it's happening regardless.
Lots of stuff is behind the cut.Collapse )

I get that this is hardly a happy entry, so before all of you start thinking that Amy is utterly postal or mentally off balance for writing all of this, let me just assure anyone reading this that I am totally fine. I had to go through a lot to get to the point in life where I am now, and while I did have relationships it took a lot before I was willing to let my guard down and let someone else in. I chose to take the long hard way to dealing with what I had experienced--even having a lot of one night stands so that I could avoid getting too close. That is not who I am now, that is thanks to the fact that I had the love and support of my friends and family, as well as a great deal of therapy, and some very patient and understanding boyfriends who showed me the reality: that the physical side of a relationship when you are in love can be a truly beautiful thing.

You don't ever forget however, which is what has caused me to write this entry.
It is sad and unfortunate that my coworker's friend may not get the help and support that she needs in order to deal with what she has been through.
I can only hope and pray that, while my coworker did not have the ability to give her the caring that she needed, that she is not alone, and that others who knew her well will not follow that same example.

Yay for more insight into me and my past than you probably ever wanted to know, but I did use lj kindness and put the icky stuff behind a cut at least.
In closing, I sincerely hope that anyone who reads this--men, women, etc, will not let a stereotype guide their actions if they are confronted with such a situation. I hope that they will recognize that it doesn't matter whether or not a person wears their skirts too short, or their tops low, or they have multiple partners. Rape, is not something that you bring upon yourself. It is not a horrible consequence or punishment for the fact that you perhaps slept with a lot of people, or maybe because at one point in life you were a prostitute. Rape is an act that cannot be justified. I challenge anyone who even thinks about throwing stones at another about how someone has lived their life upon hearing that someone that they know has been raped, to look at your own life: are you perfect? Did we miss a memo? Did God and/or Jesus come down and walk on earth and the rest of us weren't invited? If so, then that really sux, 'cause that must have been some fantastic experience! But seriously... I suppose that people reading this will take what ever they choose from what I'm writing in here--up to and possibly even including that I'm totally mental. That, of course is your choice and not my concern. I hope that if anyone reading this has either experienced some form of sexual abuse or has undergone emotional or any other type of physical abuse, that you will recognize that you do have value as a person, and that to not get help and believe that what you went through was justified or deserved, is to continue to give the person or people that hurt you power over you. No form of abuse, is remotely ok, or remotely acceptable, and, it cannot be justified. Period.
I hope, that in the very least, what you read will cause you to do some serious soul searching so that you will know how you would respond to someone that came to you looking for help, love, support, and compassion.
I hope that you will lead with your heart and with compassion, rather than with criticism and judgment.

My coworker will never ever see this, because even if I do decide to unprotect this entry, she cannot and will never find my blog, but honestly, I'd like to smack her upside her moronic judgmental head! It totally makes me wonder what kind of friend she was to this girl when they were in school together! I mean wow! I've always thought that your friends are a reflection of who you are as a person, and thank God, none of my friends would react to me that way and neither would I to them.
It does sort of suck because I had tried very hard to be this person's friend, because we do have to work together on so many projects, but it's totally done for me.

In closing, I hope that you all are having an awesome Monday--because it is Monday as I'm finishing this. I also hope that UCLA beats Maryland tonight in basketball! Hey--I had to end on a happy note somehow, because this entry has been so heavy.

Have a great day, all! Happy entries to follow I promise!

Ah, one more thing, This is what I'm currently listening to. It is totally symbolic! Download, turn it up loud and listen! No worries, for those of you that are familiar with what I sent John to play on his show, there are no banjos in this one!

Take care.
Urge Your Senators to Co-Sponsor the ADA Restoration Act!

JFA Daily


Urge Your Senators to Co-Sponsor the ADA Restoration Act!!
The grassroots have been making quite a roar in the House since the summer, raising support for ADA Restoration. With the Senate hearing scheduled for this
Thursday on ADA Restoration, it's time to let the Senate hear from the disability community as well about the importance of restoring the promise of the
Call your Senators and the Senators from the HELP Committee TODAY and urge them to co-sponsor the ADA Restoration Act (S. 1881). For those on the HELP Committee,
also urge them to attend the ADA Restoration hearing on Thursday. Call the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121.
To identify your state's Senators, go to:
A list of the Senate HELP Committee Members is listed below. (Note, some of them may have already signed up as cosponsors. If you call and discover this,
simply thank them for their co-sponsorship and urge them to attend the hearing on Thursday if they are on the HELP Committee).
It's important that this bill show bipartisan support, like the original ADA did, so please help with outreach to the Republican Members of the HELP Committee
in particular.

Senate HELP Committee Members:
Michael B. Enzi (WY), Ranking Member
Judd Gregg (NH)
Lamar Alexander (TN)
Richard Burr (NC)
Johnny Isakson (GA)
Lisa Murkowski (AK)
Orrin G. Hatch (UT)
Pat Roberts (KS)
Wayne Allard (CO)
Tom Coburn (OK)
Edward M. Kennedy (MA), Chair
Christopher J. Dodd (CT)
Tom Harkin (IA) - original sponsor
Barbara A. Mikulski (MD)
Jeff Bingaman (NM)
Patty Murray (WA)
Jack Reed (RI)
Hillary Rodham Clinton (NY)
Barack Obama (IL)
Sherrod Brown (OH)

Model Script for Senators on the HELP Committee:

"Hi. My name is_______ and I live in ________. I want Senator______ to cosponsor the ADA Restoration Act of 2007, and I want him/her to attend the Senate
HELP Committee hearing this Thursday at 2:00 pm. Seventeen years ago, the ADA was passed with overwhelming bipartisan support, yet people with disabilities
are still being
treated unfairly. People with disabilities are in a no-win situation. Employers can say that I am "too disabled" to perform my job, but "not disabled enough"
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Model Script for Senators (Generic):

"Hi. My name is_______ and I live in ________. I want Senator______ to cosponsor the ADA Restoration Act of 2007. Seventeen years ago, the ADA was passed
with overwhelming bipartisan support, yet people with disabilities are still being treated unfairly. People with disabilities are in a no-win situation.
Employers can say that I am "too disabled" to perform my job, but "not disabled enough" to be protected by the ADA if I'm discriminated against. This is
wrong! Please restore the ADA and restore my civil rights! Please tell Senator _______ to cosponsor S. 1881.

For background information on the need for ADA Restoration and on the bill itself, visit the AAPD
ADA Restoration blog.

Survey thingy.

If you find this irritating, then don't complain to me. It's all KL's fault since I found this in his journal first! *grins*
Because I can't sleep I filled this out even though it's against my better judgment.
Ah boredom will likely ensue so read at your own risk.
Lookie, I'm even going to be nice and cut so nobody had better whine that Amy never does lj cuts! hehhehhehehah
OOPs. Just kidding about the lj cut. I lied!

Nope. My parents were hardly original either when they named me. They picked Amy because it was short and simple, and because for some odd reason my mom thought it would be awful to give me some horribly long name since I was born weighing 1 pound 11 ounces when I was born. Don't know if she thought I'd stay little or something. *shrugs*
um well technically yesterday since it's now Monday but when I first read this it was the same day. Too much estrogen I think probably so!
Depends on what I'm in the mood for.
Nope. Maybe someday...
Yeah, though I might annoy myself if we were a lot alike in how obnoxious or silly we can be. I believe that my obnoxious self might kick the ass of another obnoxious person and that would be bad for all involved.
Yes, and it's gotten me in trouble before too!
Is there a point to this? hehehehehehah Yes, I'd skydive as well!
Um I'm not sure.
Some times. Others I just treat them as if they were slip ons! LOL I know I'm a huge dork!
In what sense? Physically, emotionally? What kind of strong?
Could this question be anymore vague?
I suppose I am physically strong, but not sure about in other ways. I hardly feel like I am a strong person outside of the physical though people who know me well usually think that I am strong.
Anything with lots of chocolaty stuff in it!
Their voice, then next suppose comes sense of humor .
Red or pink what?
How about a reddish pink?
My edgy side, but only because some times it means that I end up being considered one of the guys, and the fact that I can put stuff off. I can't pick just one thing, so deal with it! *laughing*
My answer is not a who in that sense. I miss being around creative souls--artists musicians. I miss being around people that you can create with and who can appreciate that aspect of your personality.
It's their choice.
I won't answer on the grounds that doing so will surely incriminate me.
Some Hot and Spicy Cheeze-its.
Uh an episode of Iron Chef of all things! In English, thank, God!
Something flashy--red or hot pink perhaps. Only because it could be fun.
Fresh bread baking in the oven or a cake baking--um--the smells of thanksgiving/Christmas turkey roasting in the oven. The yummy smells when cooking Italian food.
Mary Ann of course. That is usually a normal Sunday evening trend.
No one sent it to me, but I like the person who's journal I saw it in. Gee wonder who's that could be? hehehhhehehah Don't know this person well but he seems nice though not sure if he thinks he is or not. I shouldn't do these when I can't sleep!
football, basketball, hockey, and female roller Derby bouts are fun as well. Gotta totally respect bad ass women like that who can totally throw down!
Um wow pasta if it has awesome sauce, and sushi and Thai food.
Happy endings, then scary movies.
Oh wow. Actually The Godfather... Got it on DVD so watched it recently.
See question 19. Answer is still the same!
Summer though I like spring and fall better. Too muggy in summer down here.
See, you're making me choose again! I need to add pain in the ass to what I don't like about myself though I won't we'll just consider it a strong suit. Hugs and kisses both, especially if the person you're with rules at both--great kisser huge turn on--though if I must choose, hugs since I could use one right now that and maybe a loaner straight jacket because this thing is going to make me lose my mind for sure.
Cheesecake, key lime pie made with real key limes, and anything with lots of chocolate! Oh yeah did I mention I like chocolate? I say real key limes because i grew up in Florida and we grew them so I know the difference. Nope, it's really not all just lime juice folks! :D
No idea.
I have to agree with Kevin, cuz Sarah AKA 3Kitties, hands down I think hates these things.
Shogun by James Clavell. Sue me, I like historical fiction among other things!
I don't have a mouse pad this is a laptop.
No TV last night for me.
Hmmmmm... I like the sounds of the country where my parents live. They live in the sticks and when it's really quiet you can hear all sorts of birds and stuff like that. Very peaceful. There are others I'm sure but nothing comes to mind right now. Obviously great music is always awesome!
Beatles if I have to choose between those two.
I studied in Europe while in college. Saw Austria, Switzerland, Germany, and Hungary, and have also been to London.
I have a piece of paper that says that I can compose (write) music and sing. Actually I can really do those things but it's been a while so maybe not! Here's hoping that it's like riding a bike that you never forget how! hehhehhehheh
West Palm Beach, FL
No idea.

Ok. You all can applaud now! We're done!
Because it's my journal and I can, I'm going to precede my entry about last night's Kickin' Back with Mary Ann by informing all readers, that contrary to popular belief, Mary Ann doesn't bribe me or anything to write any sort of promo or notes for her shows--it just sort of happens. That being said, had I never written anything about any of them, I'd have to write about tonight's show for sure!
The theme of the show? Well, it depends on from who's perspective...
According to Derek's "little kid" voice, I think that the theme of the show could be summed up by saying:
"The thing ya gotta remember, is that there are people that wuv you, and that really care about you, and wanna make things awwwwwwwwwwl better..."
But seriously...
The theme of the evening was all about making a tribute to your friends, and in true Mary Ann style, she did just that. We are briefly told what moved her to decide to center her show around playing all sorts of content that showcased only some of the people that are dear to her heart.
Some of you may not know that Mary Ann has become quite the audio scrapbooker over the years, and even when we were kids and would hang out together, the two of us were always taping stuff just in case we might decide that we wanted to take a sentimental stroll some day--though I think that she at that time valued the sentimental stuff a little bit more than me.
Tonight we were treated to various snippets from time spent with her friends Jack and Dan, as well as the trip that she took out here last year to visit me and spend thanksgiving with my family. I was as usual again incriminated, (bet nobody's at all surprised about that,) but so was she which makes it awesome! Let's just say that she thought that our cute little Shitsu had some sort of psychic connected line into directory assistance, that when she squeezed his head, would guarantee she would get the phone number she was in search of.
We learn all about the hilariousness that can come out when Mary Ann talks, and well--yells, in her sleep though unfortunately for her, no recording of that was heard.
We are treated to some fond memories that Mary Ann has of Trevor singing with and without his guitar.
We also are shown what happens when you leave Patrick alone in your house and let him have his way with your sink! Making love to the water, and--well--"mouth peeing," are best words that come to mind to describe some of it. It, is, hysterical, but you won't get any of it without headphones though Mary Ann's laughter throughout the track is funny enough.
I call in and further incriminate myself, and show totally what an utter dork I am, with my odd and laughter filled version of The Colonel Bogey March, which Mary Ann thinks is the funniest thing she's ever heard! I'm not sure if she's right, so you be the judge!
Much thanks to John, for researching and finding that song for us, because we weren't sure what it was called! John, is also responsible for doing the editing that resulted in this version provided for your listening enjoyment! To you, John, both Mary Ann and I give you our three-day-old coffee, reheated for your enjoyment! We know how much you love reheated coffee! hehhehhehhehahah
Both of us share about the blessing that is our friendship, and why we are so fortunate to have each other in our lives despite all of the twists and turns life has taken both of us, we've both ended up back here, and all the better for having known the other.
Mary Ann tells us a couple of times that she doesn't want anyone to think that she did this show so that people would call in and talk about her, because a few of us did, but I can say as a listener that anyone that gets that idea ought to be taken out in the back forty and flogged repeatedly, because if they listened and were under that impression, they totally missed the point! *smiles*
I'm not going to give anything else away that went on during the show, because it is almost impossible to condense it down into a few short sentences--and no, it's not just because I'm the one doing the writing!
The only way to really understand and fully appreciate it, is to go and download the show, and listen to it yourself.
I think that underneath the funny moments and the sappy ones, the whole point of this show was very simple:
Treasure your friends. Be thankful for the fact that you have those people in your life, and don't forget to let them know how special they are to you. It really should not take a huge impactive moment in life to make you realize how blessed you are to have people around who totally love you and accept you for you--who love you in spite of your oddities or quirks, or your occasions of being totally obnoxious. The very same people that will laugh with you in happy times, and can just as easily be a shoulder for you to cry on, and the rock to hold you steady when you feel like life is falling apart. The very same people that you know, hands down, that you can be yourself around even if you may not feel like you can around anyone else. The people that won't laugh at you if you decide to be all intense and dramatic, and will let you be pissed and irrational and not tell you that you're making a big deal out of nothing.
The very same people, that can give you a good swift physical or verbal kick in the ass when you need it--those, are true friends, and they don't come around every day.
It is sad to know that there are people that go through life not knowing how incredibly awesome it is to have true friends that they can count on. I am thankful that I don't have to know, because I have them. It doesn't matter how spread out everywhere they may be, and in my case, wow are some of them, but they are friends just the same, and have witnessed just about every facet that makes me me, and God help them, not ran! *laughing*
So, in closing, let the people that are a part of your life know what they mean to you. If you have a particular friendship that has had a break in it for some reason, if it can be repaired, then forgive, repair, and move on. Obviously some times it cant, but don't make that decision out of anger. Make sure that if you decide that it's done, that it's really done, because lots of times you can't go back.
If none of you listen to any of the other shows, definitely go and grab this archive, and listen to it. Yeah, it's long, but it needed to be. When you're done, make sure you let your friends and all those important to you that they are loved, valued, and appreciated, and if you can, give them a hug or two!
Mary Ann closed the show with a song which is totally fitting, and the lyrics are behind the cut.
Cut for song lyrics.Collapse )
An update of sorts to this entry:
A while after I posted this entry, John decided to work his creative magic and make this full of even more hilarity if that is possible. He took the orchestral version of this song and combined it with the other, and came up with this little creation, for which I can't even think of a word to describe!
It is totally hilariously awesome, and also sort of insane, but very cool as well. What people could do with this does fill me with a little bit of dread, but it truly showcases John's ability to take something that is already kinda humorous, and make it completely humor-tastic!
So John, for your services, I give you of course, a big thanks and props for making me and no doubt countless listeners smile, but also rather than three day old coffee, this warreants an upgrade to one-and-a-half day old coffee! hahhahhahahahahahaha!
Just reheat, slurp, and enjoy!
Happy Monday!
Anybody want to come and write all of this stuff for me? I'll go out and enjoy this gorgeous weather, and you can stay inside! hehhehhehhehaha I'm buried in writing for newsletters and stuff like that and God, I'm totally afraid that if I check my email again that there will be more of it waiting for me. *Resists the temptation to look at the Outlook window*
I can't take the laptop out onto the patio to do work because either my signal just totally blows, or my router is dying. Not sure which, but for what ever reason I don't have a strong one then some days I do and it'd just too iffy for me to try.
I'd update, but that's not the reason I came in here to post. I know. I'm sure you're all soooooooo sad! *laughing*
It has been brought to my attention that, apparently, some folks with various radio shows are not feeling loved so, here ya go!
I cannot tune in to all of you, and right now, though I know that this may very well take me down a few points on the girly scale, lots of them conflict with football. Deal! That's all I have to say about that one. *smiles*
First thing's first:
The most awesomest and bestest and mostest fantastico friend ever! did her first regular radio show last night on tbrn.
For those of you who didn't catch it you need to go and grab it right now!
I mean it. right now!
I had to go and download it too because I only managed to catch the first part of it.
What's important is that you go and listen to it, because all sorts of hilarity ensues!
Mary Ann by herself has enough stuff to make things hilarious with all kinds of incriminating recordings, but things got rolling due to the most awesomest intro I think in the history of tbrn radio ever! Thanks to John, it was an incredible beginning to her show! Yes, it was truly intro-tastic!
Some trivia for you:
Mary Ann, secretly longs to have sweet nothings both whispered in her ear as well as sent to her through the mail. If your response to that is "huh?" then apparently you haven't been paying attention and missed the part about going and downloading the file.

Mary Ann, all little and tiny and cuuuute though she is, really, really, really, really, really snores! I, mean, snores! I mean like sawing some huge lumber in a very wooded forest kind of snoring!
I'm talking like earth shaking snoring!
Don't believe me?
download the show archive, and jump your time while playing to exactly 22:00. Make sure that you're listening with headphones. Now: Listen carefully. Hear that in the background of the "Mary Ann" song? That's, her, honker, going at it! It totally amazes me that that sound came out of her! I'd say that it was snore-tastic but I'm not sure that there is any way possible that snoring like that could be considered fantastic or any variation thereof. It might not be worthy of a variation on fantastic, but it is damn funny!!
Now, in the same file jump back in time a little to 21:58, so that you can listen to and totally appreciate John's awesome and rockin' intro, which pretty much lumps Mary Ann and her various degrees if silliness (some even at warp speed). Ok. Now, feel free to listen to the rest of the show from beginning to end at your leisure.

Some others worthy of your listening attention are:
Blart Radio, (what in hell is a blart anyway) The John Zone,, The Louis Bin/Combo Box,, wdglfm, Raynbo's Random Chaos, and, Things and Stuff.

I also cannot forget to give some luv, and a shout out to Bec, and her show Bec In A Box, because she's awesome. Bec rarely comes out of her box these days to play, but when she does, silliness abounds. It's cool if you get the chance to catch her out of her box!
If you've been left out, please don't take it personally. Ah, and Onj, you don't write at me either, but that's ok if you want to be like that! *laughing*

In order to listen to tbrn shows you'll need to grab the Winamp player. Once you've got that on your computer then simply point winamp to and listen away.
This poll came about because Mary Ann and I were talking about the weird things that we do in the kitchen. This got us wondering, whether or not we are the only quirky ones around here, so we made this poll to try to find out! That reminds me, someone may want to ask her about the fuzzy cookies! Thank God when I went to her house when we were kids she only tried to serve me tap water oatmeal and some peach ice cream that was old so it tasted like lead. I didn't have to eat waffles cooked by the hair dryer , ten pound cans of Pork and Beans, or fuzzy cookies! ****laughing hard****
Some of our other inspirations came from other odd places. (We have too many weird thoughts swimming around in our heads.) Stuff like the person that makes a PB&J sandwich by first taking gobs of peanut butter out of the jar with their hands, slapping it on the bread, and then reaching their peanut butter encrusted hand into the jelly jar and using that very same hand to then slather the jelly onto the bread. That very same person then proceeds to close both jars, and, using their already goopy hands, opens the fridge and cupboards to put the peanut butter and jelly away.
This is not meant to be taken seriously: this is just for a laugh.
I will fill this out as well. I figure that since at least some of you have read the entry about the experience that I had with the maintenance guy that it couldn't get any more humiliating for me so what do I have to lose?
If you don't have an embarrassing story of your own to share, share someone else's if you want. After all, if it happens to you it can lean either way towards funny or embarrassing, but if it happened to someone else, it's down right hilarious!
Just so that you guys understand:
"Question seven," refers to the question about kitchen blunders. You only have a max length of 255 characters, so if you need to write more you can use the two spaces that come right after the question.
If you're really desperate for space, or have more stories to share with us, you can leave more info in a comment, but only if you filled up the poll first
cuz that's kind of the point here.
The question about appearance when you prepare food is about how you prefer to cook while you are in the kitchen. If you're in the buff with or without
others in the kitchen for example, it doesn't matter. It could be either or. It isn't about whether you're alone or not--it's about how you prefer to be
if you can--how you are most comfortable being. Either you would, or you wouldn't.

Hope that clears up any questions.


Poll #1056005 Strange kitchen and eating events.

Where do you like to eat at home? (Check all that apply.)

Eating over the sink.
All nice and proper sitting at the table.
At your desk in front of the computer.
In front of the TV.
Sitting in the middle of the room on the floor.
Always on the run so never eat at home.

How do you like to eat at home? (Check all that apply.)

Right out of the can it came in. You don't bother with cooking!
Right out of the pots and pans that you cooked in. You don't even bother with dishes.
When your eating, your hands take the place of all spoons, knives, and forks.
I eat normal; whatever that means.

If you were ready to eat, and you dropped your entire meal on the floor you would:

Eat it right off the floor. You don't want to waste food.
Throw it out and make more.
Throw it out and order in.
Give up on the meal all together. You lost your appetite.

When you prepare food, your appearance could best be described as :

Dressed in what ever I'm wearing that day.
In the buff! I'm starting my own culinary nudist colony!
In sloppy clothes.

You are making a drink in the kitchen. The cup is filled to the tippedy top. The cup is so full, that if you pick it up, it will spill. You want to carry it out of the kitchen. What do you do?

You lean over the counter, and loudly slurp enough out of the cup so you can carry it without spilling.
Pour some of it down the sink.
If someone else is around, you ask them to carry it for you.

Which of these describes the state of your kitchen after you've used it:

If you walk bear foot on the floor, crumbs stick to your feet.
Your counter is coated with a film of sticky.
If it was on your hands, it's now on handles, knobs, cupboards, walls, the faucet, and anything else you touched.
Surfaces are dotted with crumpled and used pieces of paper towels
Soap and toxic disinfectants are my best friends in the kitchen.
I don't believe in chemicals. I only use water to clean my kitchen.
I have dusty appliances. I never use my kitchen.

Share a funny kitchen blunder such as putting in wrong ingredients , cooking without knowing the package directions, strange fire stories, or something that makes you ask yourself, "What was I thinking?" If ya need more space, use the next couple of places.

Continue answering question seven in here.

Here's more space for question seven if you need it.


I'm not sure whether or not this is normal but it's what I go through.

I had a migraine last night so I took my Axert like normal and my other meds and crashed. Unfortunately I woke up this morning feeling extremely foggy and fuzzyheaded. Ok so that's not a word but it is now. That feeling was and still is accompanied by an urge to totally hurl! I have been trying not to have to take antinausea meds for this but it's not looking promising. I'm not liking the fact that I am getting a migraine just about once a month which I know that some suffer with them more often, but when I have them I cannot function. Axert is one of those things like Emotrex where you are supposed to be able to function after taking it once your headache is gone but for me it leaves me lightheaded and totally wiped out! There seems to be a correlation between that time of the month and my headaches--another crappie thing! I was supposed to have mobility this morning, but was too woozy and disoriented so we rescheduled for tomorrow. If I am going to have another headache I wish that it would just come and be done! I’ve got stuff to do and no time to be sick! I am one of those where sounds get really distorted and things are fuzzy for me prior to the headache part coming on and while I don't have the sound part at the moment the fuzzy part and woozy part is there as is the fact that I'm really really queasy. Yicky!!
I have an appointment next week with my neurologist and I am planning on asking him to take me off of the neurontin which is supposed to help to control the frequency of migraines as well as fibromyalgia symptoms but not sure if I tell him this that he will do it. It truly comes down to funds in that I cannot afford to continue to pay $200 a month for one med. I ate a bagel with cream cheese this morning (no neither were bad or anything like that.) I also had some coffee--all with the mindset that eating and getting up and moving would help me to feel better but it didn't work. Alice (my o&m instructor) suggested that I try to do something for myself once a month like getting a manicure and pedicure or a facial and massage or something like that to relax me and maybe I wouldn't have to go through this as often. While I appreciate the suggestion, that takes money that I can't justify spending right now.
I worry that when I go off of the meds (assuming he is willing to take me off of them) that my Fm flairups will be back where they were in 200 when I was first diagnosed. The pain is one thing, but the fatigue part I cannot stand. Right now my instances of flairup are rare, and when they are while I feel awful, I can function. I don't want to lose that but I suppose that is the risk that I take. I don't want to be in pain either because that alone can be debilitating but... There is a supplement for the fibromyalgia that I am going to begin taking but since I am on the Neurontin for both fibromyalgia and migraines if I start having those more often then I'll be filling the Axert monthly which is even more expensive! Ah, what I wouldn't give to have good insurance benefits!
I'm off now to take meds and hopefully I'll wake up not feeling so awful. Suppose I'd better set my alarm so that I don't sleep through my groceries being delivered. That wouldn't be cool!
Ok. The story goes like this:

So... I'm working from home as usual on Thursdays. I'm totally not decent because--well--it's my house and why do I have to be? Note to self:
Make sure that you use your brain and have the privacy lock locked on the door or maintenance guy will just walk in because he thinks you aren't home or something's happened to you when you don't answer. Yup, that's right! Well--at least this time I wasn't on my way out of the shower. This is not normal for me to leave the lock undone--but apparently I forgot to do both locks last night. arg! It's so automatic--like remembering to lock up when you leave--or turning off the coffee pot before leaving the house. It never occurred to me that it wasn't locked...

So... My indecently dressed self was sitting at the computer building some webpages for work and writing some case statements for a marketing project. (Yes I can do both) Yay for multitasking!! Anyway, when I am making web sites I normally sit at the computer with loud music blasting and head phones on. This was the case this afternoon. So--here I was at the pc blasting a mixture of Clutch, Led Zeppelin, and some Puddle Of Mud with a bit of Metallica thrown in (for good measure,) yeah--just in case I didn't think that I had enough stuff that rocks for the day! Don't ask me how I can hear JFW speak to me while I'm listening to all of that really loud either because I couldn't tell ya! So apparently maintenance guy at some point knocked at the door (which of course I didn't hear,) and of course he let himself in. Now--I do appreciate the fact that he thought that he was doing a good thing by trying to get my attention because he saw me--but if you can imagine not being able to see someone and being totally oblivious to the fact that anyone is there (not expecting it either cuz you're sure your door is totally locked) --and all of a sudden there is some random dude in your apartment who has come up behind you and is tapping you on the shoulder... Huge, mistake, on, his, part!! Oh, my, God!! Just as an FYI cast iron skillets are awesome things to use for self defense if needed! Unfortunately, I was nowhere near the kitchen at the time. I have solid ame though if I need to which I used! Yup, I got him, right in his safe deposit box!! It is quite possible that the family jewels won't properly produce their desired results for this guy in future! LOL He of course yelled in shock and pain, and I of course yelled wanting to know what in hell he was doing here! I realized he was maintenance when his radio started going off and the office was wanting to know whether or not he had stopped by here. (He was supposed to be installing a ceiling fan.)
He got that I couldn't see him whenever the stars left him and the birdies were no longer dancing around his head (folks who don't watch cartoons won't get that reference). My monitor wasn't on which apparently clued him in and then he felt really bad. I was embarrassed. For one thing, I totally looked like I was ready to give up the goods at any minute--yes--I was dressed like a total slut puppy, and secondly, I just totally nailed this guy! I couldn't yell at him for not knocking, because I know this particular guy, and I know he knocked, and probably also yelled "maintenance." The only person honestly that I could fault was myself, for not having done both the dead bolt and the privacy lock! To add insult to injury for me, he let himself in because he apparently was aware that I was home because he had seen me out watering my plants earlier and was concerned when I didn't answer because if I'm home I always do. I live right smack in the front of the complex, and he lives on site in the next building over--so my comings and goings are quite obvious. Needless to say we both felt bad...All for different reasons!

I apologized and so did he, and he admitted that probably he ought to have called before coming in. That would have alerted me, because when I go into that mode I forward everything to my cell and keep it on me so that the vibrate will let me know that someone's calling.

He is supposed to be coming back tomorrow. Before he left while we were discussing when he would come back to install my fan he sort of got quiet and then looked over at me and said "you sleep in that alone?" My, God!! I didn't comment. I just sort of smiled and nodded. What else could I do? That is sort of making me wonder whether or not I ought to sleep as I do... ****shrugs****
I think that it'll be a while before I get over my embarrassment over that situation. Duh boy... Can we say mortified?

Feeli'n Hot, Hot, Hot!!

Just as an FYI I started typing this earlier this afternoon but never got to send it.
Ok. So I'm at work, and Jeff's AC has apparently been broken since yesterday. It's miserable in here for everyone but him! How he's not uncomfortable I'm not sure--especially not since it's going up to 93 today. He has no windows that can be opened. Did the idiots that designed his complex think that just because their tenants were all in wheelchairs that they might not want to open a window or two? No! As a side note they also did not use their brains and consider how someone in a chair power or otherwise would do their laundry. Do these people think that just because they are all in chairs that they were also all going to have some kind of aid? Then they weren't thinking if that was the case, because not everyone has help.

These places are barely 600 sqft and no room for you to put a washer and dryer in. Their solution? They have laundry facilities on site, but they are top load washers (something that most people in wheelchairs cannot use because of their situation (in most cases front loaders work better getting the stuff in and out of them is difficult otherwise. There are only two individuals that live over here who aren't in chairs--one who is blind and another who is an older lady in a walker. God, I have no idea how she manages to lug her stuff to the washer. That's another thing: how in the hell is a person in a wheelchair supposed to push themselves and carry their laundry and detergent and all to the washer that they can't reach because they're already sitting down? Really! These people didn't think at all when they designed these places! A few of us have offered to help the woman with the walker to get her stuff over there and once she is done worrying about inconveniencing people she will usually gratefully accept the help. Jeff's aid and I brought her some laundry bags so that hopefully she can better take her clothes over there without losing half of them in the process. Before that she'd take her soap over and then go back for her clothes--and it would take her like four or five trips to do it! I'm sure that she's pretty well used to it by now since I think that she's been getting around like she does since she was in her 20's, but that's a lot of work to get your laundry done and in this heat no less. I mean wow! What totally fries my cheese, is that folks will hang out and knowingly watch a person in a situation like that struggle and not help!!!!!!!! Perhaps I was raised with a different set of values, but, I just don't believe that we were put on this earth to treat people like shit and to not lift a finger to help someone in need. It's one thing if you can't help--I mean her neighbor I know feels bad that she can't help her, but she can't take her own stuff over there either because she's in a wheelchair--that I could forgive, but not if you're walking by and you see it going on and don't assist. Case in point:
There is this girl that works in the rental office over here who is apparently oblivious to everything unless it involves her directly. Supposedly back a couple of years ago there was someone living in these apartments that had to use canes for walking (note for the blind folks--I'm not talking about the long white stick with the red tape) but the other more common to use as support for walking. Anyway, we had had an ice storm and she was apparently coming back from paying her rent and she hit a patch of black ice and hit the pavement and the chick that works in the office saw it because she was coming out of her car and left her there! Jeff's aid was working that day and called for help for her. Apparently this place does a really crappy job of salting parking lots and sidewalks so falling is common here. People generally suck at putting salt and stuff down--so as a result a little frozen stuff falls from the sky and the city totally shuts down! You would think though that in an apartment complex like the one where he lives that maintenance would do a better job of it considering but they don't. I know that we don't get loads of snow like they do up north, but if we got snow it would actually be a bit better but we don't--we get ice! Ice and slushy mess, and black ice is a bitch--right up there with the fact that wood freezes and gets real slick as I discovered when I moved up here. I sprained both of my ankles because the water on my stairs froze over making them really slick and--well--I fell--down the flight of stairs going down from my 2nd floor apartment. We'll leave it at that! Anyway, back to the rental office girl. I was leaving the other day when she was in there and refused to assist Jeff with faxing his time sheet into the office. He called me back because he kept being met with "that's not my job," and ok so it's not, but how taxing is it for her to get off of her lazy ass and send a fax? It doesn't even take a minute. He cannot send it because it takes him forty years to dial the phone unless it is one of those kind with the bigger buttons and that are in really large print. Can we say bitch is just totally lazy? So I go in there and am met with the brilliant question from her of "why can't she fax it?" meaning me of course. Does she think to actually refer to me by my name, no, of course not, because addressing people and being polite is also not her job! She knows who I am and my name so it's also not a huge stretch for her. Or maybe it is. Maybe being nice and caring will give her a stroke or something! Ah, hilarity ensues! ****shrugs**** Now--I can't see but can send a fax, but was not about to go back behind the desk in her office to do so. They don't allow the residents to go back there so I wasn't going to. Plus my cab was outside with the meter running so to deal with her crap was costing me. He apparently gave it to his neighbor who was going out somewhere who took it to Office Depot and got it done for him. Honestly, he needs to get a fax machine! All that I can say, is that what goes around does truly come around, so some day she'll get a huge bit of karma and all of the horrible things that she's done will come right back and bite her in the ass, and rightfully they should!

Well--there's a rant for ya! hehhehahhaha
I can tell you all that at 3:30 maintenance still had not come to fix his AC. I suppose that having to have my laptop set up and sitting on my legs really didn't help much with the heat factor. Then I got into the car to go home and my driver and I had a debate about why he shouldn't or should run the air--and I won, because when he found out that Jeff's AC was blown at his house he took pity on me. I get that he is a huge advocate for using red neck air whenever possible, but honestly it's too hot for that right now! If this were Fall I wouldn't care!
Hopefully it will be fixed tomorrow because he not only cannot open any windows but he also has no fans.
I'm not thinking that I'm going to go over there if it's not fixed but I'll figure that out when it's closer to time for me to leave.

Have a good night, all! Enjoy your AC! hehhehhehhahah

Work news.

Got an interview for an hr position with ESUCP on Tuesday at 4:30. Toes and fingers crossed please! ****smiles****
Have applied for another position with the Office of Special Education in DC but nothing to report on that one yet.
Very awesome though!

That's all for now.

I'm out!

Peace all!

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